TV Series Presented By Sega It Chronicles Jonathan's Life Story And How It Got To This Point

Main Characters

Shima The Hedgehog-She Is The Younger Sister Of Jonathan She Acts The Same Way As Him She Wears An Dark Pink Tanktop Which Shows Her Black Belly And Her Dark Pink Underwear Which Shima Would Wear Random Clothing She Picks Out These Are Her Nighttime Pajamas She Has The Same Design As Jonathan And She Strongly Dislikes Shadow And Asks Jonathan To Kick His Ass When He Tries To Get Near Her Shima Is Very Funny She Also Gets Involved In Beating Shadow Up

Shade The Hedgehog-She Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Biological Sister And Real Sister She Looks Just Like Jonathan Himself Only Shade Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills Wears An Red Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes With A Spiked Belt She Has An Light Yellow Mouth She Is His Mother Which Shade Revealed

Jonathan The Hedgehog-The Ultimate Lifeform Designed To Protect And Serve Earth

Ashley The Hedgehog-Ashley Has Long Black/Red Hair Ashley Has Red Eyelids With Black Eyelashes Ashley Has Red Eyes With Black/White Irises Ashley Is Grey Furred Ashley Had An Black Nose And Mouth Ashley Wore An Black/Red Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Grey Stomach Ashley Wore Black Leather Pants And Black Boots Ashley Wore An Red/Black Wristband On Her Left Arm Ashley Wore Black Fingerless Taped Gloves On Both Of Her Hands Ashley Is A Female Ultimate Lifeform

Erika The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Younger Sister

Jackie The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Younger Sister

Martha The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Younger Sister (She Has Shade's Skin Color And Clothing)

Marianna The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Younger Sister (She Has Shade's Skin Color And Clothing)

Rose The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Younger Sister (An Result Of Rosy's Transformation)

All Sonic Characters/Villains (Including Eggman Who Is Owned By Sega) Archie Characters Are Owned By Both Owen Hart And Bret Hart (The Main Creators) Megaman Characters Are Owned By Capcom

Fan Characters Debuting (Elemental Female Characters)

Cecilia The Hedgehog-Cecilia Is The Princess Of The Ice World Cecilia Is Very Gentle And Kind To Jonathan She Smiled And Proceeded To Teach Him About Ice Powers She Represents Ice

Flame The Hedgehog-Flame Is An Sweet And Caring Red Female Hedgehog Who Wore An Black Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Red Stomach Black Jeans And Sandals She Represents Fire

Wind The Hedgehog-Wind Is An Grey Female Hedgehog Wearing An Grey Robe Which Showed Her White Fur Stomach She Represents Wind

Aqua The Hedgehog-Aqua Is An Light Aqua Blue Female Hedgehog Wearing Her Light Aqua Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Light Aqua Blue Stomach ,Light Aqua Blue Jeans And Sandals She Represents Water

Magma The Hedgehog-She Is A Magma Red Female Hedgehog Wears An Magma Red Tubetop Showing Her Magma Red Boobs And Stomach, Magma Red Jeans And Sandals She Has Long Magma Red Hair With Magma Red Quills She Represents Lava (Jonathan Is Magma)

Intro: Sonic Boom By Crush 40

  • Sonic Boom Sonic Boom*


Trouble Keeps You Running Faster

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Running On The Walls*

Save The Planet From The *Disaster*

Shade The Hedgehog: *Hopping From Wall To Wall*

Sonic Boom Yeah!!!! (They Pose Together)

Secret Weapon= Kirlia The Hedgehog (Kirlia Has Undergone An Tremendous Appearance Change Wearing Her Black Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Green Stomach Fur Black Jeans And Sandals), Kirsten The Hedgehog, Skylet The Hedgehog, Priscilla The Hedgehog And Megan The Hedgehog Mecha Versions Of Kirlia, Kirsten, Skylet, Priscilla And Megan The Hedgehog)

Guest Characters

Destiny The Hedgehog-She Is An Light Blue Haired With Purple Quills Female Hedgehog Who Had An Long Black Nose She Wore An Yellow/Green Jumpsuit With Golden Pants And Robot Shoes And Red/Yellow Sleeves

Jessica The Hedgehog-She Is Also An Light Blue Female Hedgehog She Was Wearing A Black/White Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach An Black Jacket Black Jeans Torquise Blue/White Sneakers Her Fur Is Light Blue She Has Extremely Long Blue Hair She Prefers To Go By Jessica The Hedgehog Not Ocean Blu The Hedgehog Jonathan And Jessica Build Their Romantic Relationship Up To The Second Episode Where They Get Extremely Closer With Each Other And Committed Their Lives To Be Together Forever Till Death Do Their Part

Serenity The Hedgehog-Serenity Is An Silver Furred Female Hedgehog Who Has Black Long Hair She Wears An Aqua My Chemical Romance Tanktop Which Showed Her Silver Stomach Black Denim Jacket Black/Pink Shorts And Black Sandals She Has Aqua Blue Eyes Serenity Also Has An Alternate Attire Which Of Course Is The Hart Foundation Attire Sporting Pink/Black Wrestling Tanktop Which Showed Her Stomach Black/Pink Pants With Black/Pink Lines On It And Black Shoes And Pink Shades

Ryo The Hedgehog-She Was Silver Furred With Dark Pink Quills Wore An Dark Pink Tanktop Which Showed Her Stomach Black Jeans And Sandals Her Hair/Spikes Are Like Shadow's But In A Different Design She Is Considered Jonathan's Greatest Alllies Along With Serenity

Scathe The Hedgehog-She Has Blue Eyes Green Female Hair Wear The Same Jacket And Shoes As Scourge But She Was Created By Jonathan Himself To Give Him An Sidekick She Has Big Boobs Which Makes Her Attractive To Jonathan

The Dark Corrupted Council (Dark Corrupted Shade,Serenity,Ryo,Rose,Destiny,Jessica,Kirlia,Kirsten,Priscilla,Megan,Shima,Jackie,Erika And Marianna The Hedgehog And Amy Rose)

Tahra The Hedgehog-An Young Eager Dark Purple Female Hedgehog Who Wears An Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Dark Purple Stomach Black Jeans And Sandals

Natalya The Hedgehog-Natalya Is Hot Pink Furred She Wears An Black Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And  Hot Pink Stomach Black Jeans And Sandals

Amber The Hedgehog-Amber Is Light Brown She Wears The Same Clothes As Natalya

Savannah The Hedgehog-Savannah Is Medium Brown She Wears An White/Blue Tanktop Which Shows Her Medium Brown Stomach She Wears An Skirt Under It Is Her Dark Blue Jeans Red/White Speed Shoes Savannah Is Notably Known For Having An Unusual Eyelids And Eye Shape She Has Light Tan Mouth She Has Dark Red Eyes She Has Two Long Ears In Front And Long Medium Brown Hair She Wears White Gloves

Sonia The Hedgehog-The Youngest Of Her Family She Leads Her Family In Battles She Is Wearing An All Punk Attire To Give Her An Identity But She Retains Her Cute Smile And Funny Personality She Has Dark Purple Eye Shade She Wears An Grey And Purple Tanktop With Stars On It She Wears Black Pants With Accessories On It Spikes On Her Hand She Wears Black Tape On Both Hands She Has Earrings

Sonia The Hedgehog Jr-Sonia's Younger Sister And Daughter Sonia Jr Can Be Useful Because Of Her Speed And Her Abilities She Wears An Red Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach Wears An Belt With An S On It Wears Black Jeans With Her Purple Tail Showing

Lixes The Hedgehog-Lixes Returns In This Cartoon Lixes's First Appearance In A Cartoon Series She Wears An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs, Yellow Stomach With Light Brown Chest, Black Leather Pants And Black Sandals Lixes Is The Key Part Of The Resistance And Ultimate Demise Of The Dark Corrupted Council Her Hair Is Back Straight While Her Front Hair Is Off To The Side Lixes Is Very Powerful And Strong In Episode 6 Lixes Has Purple Eyes Which Restores Her Eye Sight

Vampire Carro The Hedgehog-Vampire Carro Wears An Black Dress She Has Black Spiked Hair With One Blue Quill Purple Earring On Her Right Ear Black Skirt  And Black High Heels She Has Red Eyes And Vampire Fangs

Carro The Hedgehog-Carro Wears An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans And Black Sandals Carro Is Black Furred Light Tanned Chested Female Hedgehog She Also Has Black Spiked Hair With One Blue Quill In The Middle

Ultimate Super Jonathan The Hedgehog X-The Most Powerful Super Form Of Jonathan's He Is Yellow Furred With Red Quills Much Like Super Shadow He Has Red Eyes With Black Irises

Shadow The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog

Amy Rose

Miles "Tails" Prower

The Chaotix (Knuckles The Echidna, Vector The Crocodile, Mighty The Armadillo, Julie-Su The Echidna, Ray The Flying Squirrel, Charmy Bee And Saffron Bee)

Silver The Hedgehog

Rouge The Bat

Bunnie Rabbot

Antoine D'Coolette

Rotor Walrus

Sally Acorn

Heiru The Hedgehog

Jordan The Hedgehog

Brian The Hedgehog

Brick The Echidna

Icezer The Hedgehog

Lightning The Hedgehog

Slifer The Hedgehog

Rika The Hedgehog

Jacob The Hedgehog

Statyx The Hedgehog

Dustin The Hedgehog-Dustin's First Official Appearance In The Series

Shaden The Hedgehog

Extreme The Hedgehog

Butch The Hedgehog

Hannah The Hedgehog

Brandy The Hedgehog

Gabby The Hedgehog

Shade The Hedgehog (Dmetrius96)

Season 1 Episode 1: Eggman's Downfall (2013-14)

  • Inside The Hedgehog Household*

Shima The Hedgehog: Oh Jonathan Wake Up

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Huh? Shima What's Up

Shima The Hedgehog: Nothing Much

Erika The Hedgehog: Ah Isn't Today Grand

Jackie The Hedgehog: Yes It Is

Martha The Hedgehog: Today's Perfect For An Expedition

Marianna The Hedgehog: Yep I Agree

Rose The Hedgehog: Yeah

Shade The Hedgehog: Oh Hello There

Shade The Hedgehog Jr: Hi

  • An Huge Blind Light Abducts Them All But Leaves Rose, Marianna, Shade And Shima At Home*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: That Motherfucker

Rose The Hedgehog: He Is Pissed

Shade The Hedgehog: We Got To Save Them

Marianna The Hedgehog: How Are We Going To Do That

Rose The Hedgehog: Easy Let's Go!!!!

  • They Skate Off*

Shade The Hedgehog: Well We Must Save Them

Rose The Hedgehog: Agreed

Shima The Hedgehog: Agreed

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I See Eggman's Carrier Up Ahead

Aqua The Hedgehog: Wait!!!! *Smiles* We Are The Elemental Female Hedgehogs And We Need Jonathan To Change

  • Poof*

Magma The Hedgehog: Ooh *Smiles* I Feel Extremely Hot

Cecilia The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I Know

Flame The Hedgehog: Now Then Let's Go Elemental Hedgehogs

Magma The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Yay

  • They Fly Up Into The Air*

Shade The Hedgehog: Wow

Shima The Hedgehog: I Have Never Seen That Before

  • Meanwhile With The Elemental Hedgehogs*

Magma The Hedgehog: We Should Be Nearby The Carrier

Wind The Hedgehog: Right

Aqua The Hedgehog: Good Thing We're Elemental

  • They Aboard The Carrier*

Magma The Hedgehog: They're Dead

  • Meanwhile*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Jumping From Wall To Wall*

Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* There You Are

Shima The Hedgehog: They're Dead

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh No You Mean They're Being Replaced By Evil Metal Versions Of Themselves

Shade The Hedgehog: Yep

Marianna The Hedgehog: Luckily We Have Secret Weapons They Will Reveal Herself To Us

Kirlia The Hedgehog: Howdy I'm Kirlia The Green Hedgehog

Kirsten The Hedgehog: I'm Kirsten The Golden The Hedgehog

Skylet The Hedgehog: I'm Skylet The Tan Hedgehog

Priscilla The Hedgehog: I'm Priscilla The Yellow Hedgehog

Megan The Hedgehog: I'm Megan The Aqua Blue Hedgehog

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh My Goodness You Girls Are Here

Kirlia The Hedgehog: Yes We're Your Top Secret Weapons

Kirsten The Hedgehog: I'd Like To Point Out That We're The Best Secret Weapons Available We Each Have Special Abilities That Can Fit Your Needs

Shade The Hedgehog: Perfect Now We Have Help

Priscilla The Hedgehog: We Should Go In Pursuit Of The Carrier

Shade The Hedgehog: Agreed

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right

Marianna The Hedgehog: Okay Let's Go

Rose The Hedgehog: Right

Shima The Hedgehog: Yeah!!!!

  • They Skate Off*

Kirlia The Hedgehog: We're On It's Tail

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Agreed

Skylet The Hedgehog: We Should Be Close

Priscilla The Hedgehog: Yeah!!!!

Rose The Hedgehog: Yay

Season 1 Episode 2: Breaking Into The Carrier (2013-14)

  • Outside*

Kirlia The Hedgehog: We Must Find An Way Onto The Carrier

Skylet The Hedgehog: There Is The Entrance

Marianna The Hedgehog: Great Find

Priscilla The Hedgehog: We Must Find Our Way Onto The Carrier

  • They Get Inside The Carrier*

Rose The Hedgehog: Ooh I See A Switch Over There But Who's Are Those Two

Kirlia The Hedgehog: Oh!!! That's Our Resident Geniuses Destiny The Hedgehog And Ocean Blu The Hedgehog They're Much Smarter Than They Appear

Jessica The Hedgehog: My Name's Jessica Not Ocean Blu *Smiles* If You're Wondering

Destiny The Hedgehog: We Have Spotted Eggman Activating The Evil Metal Female Hedgehogs

Jessica The Hedgehog: But It's Bad As It Is Jonathan!!! *Hugs Jonathan* I'm Your Mother

Shade The Hedgehog: Ahem *Clears Her Throat* I Am

Jessica The Hedgehog: No I Am

  • They Argue*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Let's Have An DNA Test To Prove It

Jessica The Hedgehog: Agreed

Shade The Hedgehog: Sounds Good To Me

  • Hours Later*

Jessica The Hedgehog: *Smiles* That Can't Be Right How On Earth Are We Both His Mothers

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Laughs* I Saw That Coming

Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* That's Beyond Me I Didn't Realize That Until Now Anywho We Must Regain Control Of The Carrier

Kirlia The Hedgehog: There's No One At The Pilot Seat

Kirsten The Hedgehog: I'll Get Over There Now *Sits In The Pilot's Seat And Pilots The Carrier*

  • Meanwhile With Jonathan And Jessica Outside On The Deck*

Jessica The Hedgehog: I'm Committing My Life To Be With You Forever As Always

Jonathan The Hedgehog: How Nice Of You *Holds Jessica's Hand*

Jessica The Hedgehog: *Holds Jonathan's Hand* We're United Together Forever Till Death Do Us Part Which Isn't Likely Per Say

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Holding Jessica's Hand* Agreed

  • They Both Walk Back Inside The Carrier*

Jessica The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I Love You So Much I Would Do Anything To Protect You

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Know

Jessica The Hedgehog: But We Must Get Rid Of Eggman Some Way Some How

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Got It

  • Eggman Is Lured Into The Hatch Along With His Evil Creations*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Bye Bye Eggman *Pulls The Lever Down*

  • They Fall Out Of The Carrier*

Jessica The Hedgehog: Yay The Carrier Is Ours

Kirsten The Hedgehog: *Piloting The Carrier* Technically It's Eggman's But If We Remodeled It It Would Be Ours

Jessica The Hedgehog: Oh I See *Smiles* Let's Upgrade It

  • Hours Later*

Kirsten The Hedgehog: *Smiles* It's Ours Now

Serenity The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Howdy Jonathan We Are Here To Help

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh Hi There Serenity

Ryo The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I'm Ryo Your Energetic, Charasmatic Best Friend Along With Serenity We Will Be Your Allies

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Great!!!

Serenity The Hedgehog: I'm Young And Eager To Learn My Role

Kirsten The Hedgehog: *Piloting The Carrier* You're Our Commander Of The Carrier

Serenity The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Yay!!!! *Sits In The Commander's Seat* I'm The Commander Of The Carrier Which Is Great

Ryo The Hedgehog: I Have An Hunch That The Destructix Are Up To No Good Again

Jonathan The Hedgehog: See Ya!!!! I'm Going To Take Those Assholes On *Opens The Hatch*

Ryo The Hedgehog: Wait You Might Need Help

Shade The Hedgehog: Just Let Him Go He Can Handle Himself

Ryo The Hedgehog: *Smiles* You're Right

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Grabs An Snowboard Straps His Feet To It* Bye Now

Ryo The Hedgehog: *Smiles* *Waves Her Hands* Bye!!! Be Careful

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Will *Jumps Out Of The Hatch*

  • In The Sky*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Spinning Around As He Falls Toward Mobius* Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah!!!!!

  • He Lands*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Speeds Off*

  • He Gets There Only To Encounter An Worried Shade, Ryo And Rose*

Shade The Hedgehog: *Worried* Please Don't Do It You Can't Beat Them Unless You Had A Certain Power Up

Ryo The Hedgehog: They Might Capture You Or Worse Kill You

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Gulps* Oh Crap Well That's Not In My Future At All Now Is It?

Rose The Hedgehog: For Our Sake Please Turn Into Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 3

Jonathan The Hedgehog: If I Can't Beat Them In My Normal Form Well I'll Have To Beat Them In My Turbo 3 Form That Does It *Goes TJTH3*

  • Poof*

Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 3: I'm Gonna Lay The Smackdown On Their Candy Asses *Cracks His Knuckles*

Rose The Hedgehog: Yay!!!!

Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Yay!!!!

Ryo The Hedgehog: Yay!!!!

Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 3: Wish Me Luck

Shade The Hedgehog: Go Get Them Tiger

Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 3: Huzzah!!!!!! *Flies Off*

  • He Beats Them Up*

Season 1 Episode 3: Shade's, Ryo's And Rose's Corrupted Super Forms

  • Inside Kirsten's Carrier*

Shade The Hedgehog: *Is Exposed To The Corrupted Emeralds* Oh God I'm Shaking

Rose The Hedgehog: I'm Shaking Too

Ryo The Hedgehog: Me Three

Shade The Hedgehog: AAAAARGH

Rose The Hedgehog: AAAAARGH

Ryo The Hedgehog: AAARGH

  • Poof*

Corrupted Dark Shade The Hedgehog: This Is Exciting Come Here Jonathan Let Me Kiss You And Hug You And Cuddle You

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Hugs Corrupted Dark Shade*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Fuck I'm Screwed I Can't Use My Super Form

Corrupted Dark Ryo The Hedgehog: Err You Do Have Ultimate Super Jonathan The Hedgehog X Your Most Powerful Form

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Of Course!!!! I Have That Form I Use It More Often Than Not

Corrupted Dark Ryo The Hedgehog: Yeah It's Grand

  • Jonathan's Other Friends Excluding Scathe Turn Corrupted Dark*

Scathe The Hedgehog: Oh God This Is Horrible

Jonathan The Hedgehog: This Must Be The Work Of Eggman Eggman You Got Me There

Corrupted Dark Kirsten The Hedgehog: You Don't Have To Yell We Understand Your Anger

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Wait If You Girls Are Corrupted Dark How Can You Understand My Anger Problems

Corrupted Dark Shade The Hedgehog: It's Simple We Understand Your Hatred For Eggman And We Wish To Assist You In That Endeavoer

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Don't Know About That

  • Outside*

Shadow The Hedgehog: Dude Where The Fuck Have You Been

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Was Dealing With Personal Matters

Shadow The Hedgehog: Oh I See

Shadow Man: Shadow We Have An Big Problem

Shadow The Hedgehog: I Knew It!!!!

Dr. Wily: It Seems Like The Corrupted Dark Empire Is Forming

Jonathan The Hedgehog: God Dammit This Couldn't Get Worse

Classic Sonic The Hedgehog: They Just Did

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh Crap Can Somebody Please Explain To Me What's Going On?

Scourge The Hedgehog: Apparently The Dark Corrupted Empire Has Issued An Murder On Jonathan For Violating Crimes Against Them And Their Society

Jonathan The Hedgehog: This Is Bullshit Complete And Utter Bullshit I Did Not Do Any Of The Following

Shade The Hedgehog: Seems Like He's Pissed

Jonathan The Hedgehog: That's It I Demand To Know Who's Attempting To Frame Me Cause I'm Gonna Go Ultimate Super Jonathan The Hedgehog X On Their Asses

Shade The Hedgehog: *Gasps* Oh My How Can She Have This Power And How Did I Become That Thing

Jonathan The Hedgehog: What's Worse Is That They're Allied With Eggman Which I Don't Know How They Are Involved With Him I Already Kicked His Ass Once

Shade The Hedgehog: Oh No!!!! This Is Terrible Come On Jonathan, Scathe And Everyone We're Booking Reservations At The Hotel

Shadow The Hedgehog: We're Booking Our Own Rooms You, Shade And Scathe Can Book An Room For You Three

Shade The Hedgehog: Great Idea

Blaze Woman: Agreed

  • Everyone Booked Their Rooms*
  • In Jonathan's, Shade's And Scathe's Room*

Scathe The Hedgehog: I Personally Think That This Wouldn't Happen If The Corrupted Emeralds Hadn't Been Made

Shade The Hedgehog: Yeah I Agree

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Agreed On That Sentiment

  • Doorbell Rings*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I'll Get It *Answers* Hello?

Dark Corrupted Ryo The Hedgehog: You're Coming With Me *Grabs Jonathan's Hand*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Fine I'll Surrender To You But On One Condition

Dark Corrupted Ryo The Hedgehog: Which Is?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Don't Kill Me

Dark Corrupted Ryo The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Fine By Me You're Not In Trouble Or Anything Scourge Just Made That Up Actually We Need To Speak With You On An Important Matter Regarding Enerjak On Our Beautiful Dark Corrupted Carrier 

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh So That's What This Is About?

Dark Corrupted Ryo The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Precisely Come On *Teleports To The Dark Corrupted Carrier*

  • On The Carrier*

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: I'm Sorry To Bother You On Such Notice But This Is An Emergency *Smiles*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: You Seem Like An Nice Person That I Can Get Answers From

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I'm A Very Nice Person Indeed And An Sexy Hedgehog Too Want A Hug? *Hugs Jonathan*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: You're Soft And Furry

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I Know I'm Very Soft And Cuddly

Jonathan The Hedgehog: So Why Am I Here?

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* You See Enerjak Has Returned Again But This Time Has Prelate Versions Of Your Friends With Him Looking To Conquer Mobius For Himself Luckily We're Currently Allied With Eggman But Over The Past Week Leading Up To Enerjak's Return To Mobius With His Prelates In Tow Shade Has Contacted Me Asking About Possibly Forming An Alliance With Us Dark Corrupted Council I Couldn't Turn Shade Down And I Agreed To Her Offer Now We're Expecting Shade And Scathe To Board Our Carrier Luckily Our Carrier Is Much Powerful And Is Immune To All Attacks

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh I See

  • Shade And Scathe Board The Carrier*

Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I Take Back What I Said About You

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Ooh That's Great!!!!

Scathe The Hedgehog: Yeah

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Now Then Our First Topic Of Discussion Is Eggman Recently He Has Us Working Under His Rule As His Alliance But Now We're Gonna Betray Him And Revolt Against Him

Kirsten The Hedgehog: And How Do You Propose You Do That 

Priscilla The Hedgehog: He Has Harsher Punishments For Those Who Betray Him I Wouldn't Risk It

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: I Don't Think He'd Able To Punish Us For Allying Ourselves With You

Jessica The Hedgehog: Good Thing Me And Destiny Leapt Onto The Carrier At The Last Second

Skylet The Hedgehog: I Agree

Marianna The Hedgehog: I Agree

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Agree

Shade The Hedgehog: You Know We're Identical

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Oh My Goodness

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Fuck This I'm Getting The Hell Out Of Here *Jumps Off The Carrier*

  • Hours Later*

Shadow The Hedgehog: Any Particular Reason Why You Did That?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: My Senses Told Me This Was Her Plan All Along

Shadow The Hedgehog: Wait WHAT!!!!!? I Predict Rage Coming In 3,2,1,0

Jonathan The Hedgehog: This Should Be Good *Gets His Popcorn Out And Eats It*


Jonathan The Hedgehog: How About No


Jonathan The Hedgehog: No You Won't Dumbass You're Just Making Yourself The Idiot Here

Sonic The Hedgehog: ROFL!!!! That Was Brilliant

  • Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog Appears Fuming With Rage*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Just No Just No I Can't Trust You

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: WHAT!!!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN!!!!!

Jonathan The Hedgehog: You're A Greedy Bastard

Shade The Hedgehog: *Laughing* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha That Was So Cool

Shadow The Hedgehog: He Just Owned Your Ass What Now Bitch

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: *Sighs* We Can Do This The Easy Way Or The Hard Way Take Your Pick

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Fuck You And Your Stupid Threats You Really Think I'm Intimidated By You I Don't Think So Jackass

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: That's It Back To The Carrier *Grabs Jonathan's Hand*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Take This *Kicks Her To The Wall*

  • BOOM*

Dustin The Hedgehog: Dude Over Here!!!! We're About To Board Butch The Hedgehog's Battleship

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right!!!!

  • Jonathan, Sonic And Shadow Board Butch's Battleship*
  • Inside The Battleship*

Butch The Hedgehog: Welcome Aboard!!!! Make Yourself Comfy And Enjoy The Ride *Presses The Button*

  • The Door Closes*
  • In The Bedroom*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Shade? How'd You Get In Here?

Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Oh!!! I Managed To Sneak Myself In Here Just To Be With You

Jonathan The Hedgehog: That's Great

  • Loud Bangs Are Heard*
  • Outside*

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: OPEN UP!!!!!!!!

  • Inside The Battleship*

Butch The Hedgehog: Off We Go!!!!! *Lifts The Stick Up*

  • The Battleship Flys Into The Sky*

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGH!!! I Will Get You Once More *Hops Into Her Carrier*

  • Dark Shade's Carrier Is In Front Of Butch's Battleship*

Butch The Hedgehog: *Driving* What The Hell 

  • In Dark Shade's Carrier*

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: I'm Not Letting You Go Anywhere Until You Release Jonathan Into My Custody

  • In Butch's Battleship*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: That's It I Had Just About Enough Of This Bitch *Presses Button*

  • The Torpedo Hits The Carrier It Begins To Fall*

Dark Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog: *Crying* You Bastard!!!!

Jonathan The Hedgehog: It Had To Be Done

  • The Carrier Hits The Ground*
  • BOOOOOOOOM Large Explosion Is Heard As The Carrier Blows Up*

Butch The Hedgehog: *Driving* That Showed Her

  • In The Bedroom*

Shade The Hedgehog: What Was With That Girl I Hope She Gets Sent To A Mental Institution

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh Don't Worry She Has Been Sent There

Season 1 Episode 4: Stopping Corrupted Shade The Hedgehog (2013-14)

  • In The Battleship*

Butch The Hedgehog: *Driving* Seems To Me Like We're Just About At Our Destination Which Is Our Newly Built Base Of Operations

Dustin The Hedgehog: So Basically This Is Our New Base

  • The Battleship Lands In The Base's Garage And Roof Closes*
  • They All Go Inside*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Dark Shade What Happened?

Dark Shade The Hedgehog: Well Unfortunately I Couldn't Beat Her She Was Too Powerful

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Wait Didn't You Split Apart From Her

Dark Shade The Hedgehog: Yes I Did

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Hmm I Guess Wait She's Alive? Oh You've Gotta Be Shitting Me?

Brick The Echidna: God Dammit How The Fuck Is She Still Alive?

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