Main Characters

Amy Rose Jr-The Daughter Of Amy Rose She's Actually 17 Years Old Wanting To Save The World Just Like Jonathan Did And So She Sets Out On Her Journey To Accomplish Just That Amy Rose Jr Wears An Light Pink Tubetop Which Showed Her Pink Stomach, Pink Jeans And Her Red/White Boots Amy's Basic Skills Are Homing Attack And Spindash Her Advanced Skills Are Tornado Spin Attack, Chaos Control And Chaos Blast Her Special Moves Are Chronos Control And Shockwave She Has An Long Pink Tail

Amy Rose-Amy Rose Jr's Mother Who Also Wants To Save The World Tags Along With Her Daughter To Do Just That Along The Way They Must Get The Chaos Emeralds To Go Super For The Final Battle She Like Amy Rose Jr Has An Pink Long Tail As Well And Also Wears An Light Pink Tubetop Which Also Showed Her Pink Stomach, Pink Jeans And Her Red/White Boots She Has The Same Basic And Advanced Skills As Amy Rose Jr And Her Special Moves Are Different She Has Chaos Overdrive And Chaos Blaster

Other Sonic Characters/Villains

Scene 1: The Journey Begins

  • In Plush Hills Zone*

Amy Rose Jr: *Smiles* Let's Go Save The World!!!

Amy Rose: *Smiles* Yay!!!!

  • They Sped Off*

Amy Rose Jr: *Spindashes Into Badniks* This Is Great!!!!

Amy Rose: *Homing Attacks An Badnik* I Know!!!!

  • An Big Ring Is At The End Of The Stage*

Amy Rose Jr: Quick Jump In It

  • They Both Jump In It To Reach Special Stage 1*

Amy Rose Jr: I See The Chaos Emerald

  • They Get All 7*

Amy Rose: *Smiles* Let's Go Super

Amy Rose Jr: *Smiles* I Haven't Gone Super Before But Okay!!!!

  • Sonic 4's Super Sonic Music Plays As The Chaos Emeralds Circle Around Amy Rose And Amy Rose Jr*

Amy Rose: *Closes Her Eyes And Clutches Her Fists*

Amy Rose Jr: *Closes Her Eyes And Clutches Her Fists*


Super Amy Rose: *Opens Her Red Eyes* Yay!!!!

Super Amy Rose Jr: *Smiles* Wow!!!! I Look Sexy And Attractive Like This

Super Amy Rose: Let's Teach Robotnik An Lesson Super Amy Rose And Amy Rose Jr Style!!!!

Super Amy Rose Jr: Let's Do It Mom

  • They Fly Off To The Death Egg*

Scene 2: The Final Battle

  • In The Death Egg*

Super Amy Rose: *Flying* I See Something

Super Amy Rose Jr: Wait Isn't That?

  • Silver Amy Rose Awakens*

Silver Amy Rose: This Guy's A Madman You Two Must Stop Him

Mecha Amy Rose: We Would Help But We'd Get Destroyed

Super Amy Rose: *Smiles* Not Exactly Because I Made You Both

Silver Amy Rose: Oh I See

Mecha Amy Rose: In This Case Let's Team Up Together

  • They Get To The Room*
  • The Death Egg Robot Rises*

Super Amy Rose: Stand Back This Might Be Harder Than It Is

Super Amy Rose Jr: Oh Crap

  • They Beat The Robot*

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