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Slender Woman As She Appears She Has Long Dark Red Hair Empty Eyes And No Mouth She Wore An Black Bikini Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach And Black Underwear And Black Sandals She Is Grey Skinned Slender Woman Says That Is Until She Discovered That She Had Human Parts Including A Human Mouth And Lips And Human Like Hands She Really Looked Like An Official Human Being She Later Renamed Herself Ashley Wilson To Start Her Loveful Life And Dating Jonathan Currently She Is Described As Fun, Sexy,Attractive,Intelligent And Looks For Fun Adventures She Is Also Known For Her Fighting Ability She Gains Purple Eyes And White Eyelids She Could See Jonathan Clearly She Uses Her Abilities To Help The Group Out She Has Everything

Origins And Sighting

Ashley Was Seen On The Swings And Jonathan Was Walking Through The Park Until Ashley Whistled Smiling And Blushing Shaking Her Grey Ass  She Hugged Jonathan And She Dates Him

Partnership Is Formed

Ashley And Jonathan Teamed Up Together To Form The Dynamic Duo Which Sees The Two Combating Villains From The Sonic Universe Ashley's Daughters (Michelle, Rachael, Jessica, Jennifer, Amy And Lilly Wilson) Joins In The Fun As They Combat The Villains Jonathan And Jessica Made An Great Team As They Bombarded Robotnik's Forces They Would Become The Family An Powerful Group Of Females After Jonathan Was Turned Into Nicole Wilson By Ashley As They Battle Villains As An Team Don't Let Their Sexy, Hot, Attractive Bodies Fool You They Can Really Fight And With Physical Force They Would Become Stronger

Opposing Robotnik's Rule

While They Were Settling Into The Villain Fighting Business They Discover That Robotnik Hatched An Plan To Roboticize All Mobians They Immediately Sprung Into Action As They Raced To Mobius Each Of Them Set Out To Eliminate Robotnik They Lined Up Side By Side With Ashley Giving Them Complete Instructions


Slender Woman: The Movie

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