Main Characters

Jonathan Washington/Jessica Roberts-The Main Character Of The Story He Meets His Very First Scout And Current Agent Named Amy Roberts Who Was Very Intelligent With An 900 IQ She Was Hot, Sexy, Cheerful, Charasmatic, Insightful, Helpful, Kind, Considerate, Thoughtful, Polite, Loyal, Useful, Informative And Attractive Jonathan Was Signed By The New York Yankees In 1993 But Unexpectedly Jonathan Had An Lucrative 10 Year Deal From The Dolphins Baseball Team In Japan Led By It's Terrific Ace Medica And It's Fearsome Female Sluggers Jonathan Couldn't Pass That Up And Signed With The Dolphins In 1993 Where He Wound Up Playing In 162 Games Posting An Solid .347 Batting Average But His Power Numbers Were Extremely Impressive In The First Year As He Bopped Out 44 Homers And Drove In 128 Runs Michelle Simpson Gave Jonathan Great Protection As He Got More Hittable Pitches Jessica Wore The Same Clothes As Amy Roberts She Is Amy's Daughter

Amy Roberts-Amy Wears An Hot Pink/White Baseball Jersey Which Showed Her Boobs And White Hourglass Figure Stomach White/Hot Pink Baseball Hat White/Hot Pink Leather Pants She Wears Dark Purple Glasses She Has Dark Blue Eyes With Black Irises She Is White And Has Hot Pink Lips She Had Light Purple Circle Earrings And She Had Long Light Orange Hair Amy Was Jonathan's Loyal Agent Who Received An Call From Medica (An Close Friend Of Jonathan's) Who Inquired About The Highly Touted Power Hitting Outfielder Jonathan

Jonathan's Parents

Jonathan's Fans And Groupies

Lisa Simpson-Lisa Is An Straight A Student With An Perfect 4.0 GPA (A La Jonathan Himself) Lisa Wears An Torquois Blue/Orange T-Shirt Which Showed Her Boobs And Her Yellow Stomach White Jeans And Black Shoes Lisa Has Long Yellow Hair Lisa Lives In Her Own House She Has Her Very Own Car She Uses For Transportation Lisa Is Jonathan's Girlfriend

Lisa Simpson Jr-Jonathan (Undertaker) And Lisa's Daughter She Is 16 Years Old She Like Lisa Wears An Torquois Blue/Orange T-Shirt Showing Her Boobs And Her Yellow Stomach She Also Wears White Jeans And Black Shoes She Also Has Long Yellow Hair And Is Also An Straight A Student With An Perfect 4.0 GPA As Well She Is Introduced In Scene 1

Lauren Simpson-Lauren Also Wears An Turquoise Blue/Orange T-Shirt Which Showed Her Boobs And Her Yellow Stomach White Jeans And Black Shoes Lauren Has Long Yellow Hair Like Lisa Lauren Has Been At Jonathan's Side Since 1990

Maggie Simpson

Allison Taylor

Jessica Lovejoy-She Wears An Dark Blue T-Shirt Showing Her Yellow Stomach She Also Wore Black Shorts And Black Shoes

Jessica Simpson-She Wore An Dark Blue T-Shirt Showing Her Yellow Stomach She Also Wore Black Shorts And Black Shoes

Chunchi Dolphins Teammates (Females)

Scene 1: Early Youth And Acquired By The Dolphins

  • Orange Country February 1, 1993 On The Baseball Field*

Jonathan: *Holding The Bat*

Pitcher: *Winds Up*

  • No Jonathan No*

Jonathan: *Whacks The Ball And Watches It Fly*

  • The Ball Crashes Into Window Of Lisa's House*

Jonathan: I'll Fix That Immediately *Trots Around The Bases*

  • Hours Later*

Lisa Simpson: *Gasps* You Broke My Window

Jonathan: I'll Fix It Don't You Worry

Lisa Simpson: *Smiles* Oh Good

Jonathan: Right

Amy Roberts: *Smiles* Don't Worry I'll Take Care Of Everything

Jonathan: Oh That's Great

Amy Roberts: *Smiles* I Know Right I Also Bought Us An Limo For Us Two Because You Have An News Conference Discussing The Signing I'm Also Your Good Luck Charm *Smiles* How Convenient

  • The Chunchi Dolphins Call*

Amy Roberts: *Answers* Hello?

Bethany Simpson: *Smiles* Greetings This Is Bethany Simpson Manager Of The Chunchi Dolphins We Think That Jonathan Would Provide Power For Us

Amy Roberts: Hmm Considering That's In Japan Would She Actually Fit In

Bethany Simpson: Yes The Only Requirement Is That Jonathan Must Change His Gender And Sex In Order To Sign With Us

  • Hours Later*

Jessica Roberts: I Think I Would Fit In Perfectly With Them Because Of My Home Run Hitting Prowless *Smiles* Let's Go To Japan!!!

Amy Roberts: *Smiles* Oh My Considering That I Actually Hadn't Been There Before

  • They Get There*


Margaret Anderson-CF

Tiffany Rhodes-SS

Elizabeth Gomes-LF

Jessica Roberts-1B

Rachael Myers-DH Fun Fact: Rachael Is Fun-Loving And Is An Late-Inning Heroic Thrill Seeker Who Thrives On Coming Up Big With Big Hits

Wendy Smith-3B

Clarissa Davis-2B

Amy Sanders-RF

Michelle Todd-C Fun Fact: Michelle Says She Was Originally Going To Be An Contact Hitter But After Michelle Jacked 38 Homers And Drove In 103 Runs In 1992 She Decided To Be An Power Hitter

Pitching Rotation

Jennifer Craig-SP/Starter 1

Ashley Bates-SP/Starter 2

Amber Sanderson-SP/Starter 3

Jessica Newton-SP/Starter 4

Angie Wells-SP/Starter 5


Becky Simpson-LR/Long Relief 1

Mary Harris-MR/Middle Relief 1

Susanna Roberts-MR/Middle Relief 2

Christina Rose-MR/Middle Relief 3

Jennifer Rocha-SU/Set-Up 1

Sandra Ryerson-SU/Set-Up 2

Michelle Simpson-CL/Closer Note: Michelle Never Blows Saves She Gets It Done

  • They Meet The Team*

Michelle Simpson: *Smiles* Hi There!!!! I'm Michelle The Team's Closer Did You Know That In 1992 I Recorded 57 Saves And Converted 57 Save Opportunities I'm Automatic In The 9th

Jessica Roberts: Oh Wow Michelle That's Spendid *Smiles* How On Earth Did You Get This Good All Of A Sudden

Michelle Simpson: *Smiles* You See In 1990 I Had 50 Saves In 1991 I Had 43 Saves And In 1992 I Had 57 Saves In All I Already Have 65 Saves To My Name In My Career

Lauren Simpson: Oh I See You're Here Early *Smiles* That's Great!!! We've Just Off Of 3 Championship And Division Winning Seasons (1990,1991,1992) And I Think You Can Lead Us To The Promise Land With Your Power Bat

Jessica Roberts: *Smiles* Yep I Have An Supporting Cast In The Lineup They Should Help Me Out Greatly

Lauren Simpson: *Smiles* Great!!!! Let's Make This Our Year To Contend!!!!

  • At The End Of August*

Standings (1993)

1. Chunchi Dolphins (107-45)

2. Shanghai Sharks (104-43)

3. Hiroshima Dragons (103-42)

Lauren Simpson: *Smiles* Yay!!!! We're In First

Michelle Simpson: *Smiles* See What Did I Tell You? I'm Untouchable Nailing Down 45 Saves And Posting An Sparkling 1.38 ERA And 212 Strikeouts

Jessica Roberts: I'm Currently Leading The League In Batting Average, Hits, Doubles And Home Runs

Amy Roberts: How Can

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