This article is about the character. For the author, see Jared Ornstead.

Skysaber is the protagonist of a number of fan fictions by Jared Ornstead, and an avatar of their author. He is an interdimensional superspy/troubleshooter and is designed to be over-the-top even by the standards of self-insertion. He begins as a highly idealized version of Ornstead, having a perfect sense of direction, complete lucid dreaming capabilities, an innate talent for physical exercise of all sorts, a razor-sharp wit, the ability to attract women effortlessly, and so forth. After his first interdimensional jump (into the world of Ranma ½), his abilities increase significantly and his possessions gain a wide variety of special powers as well. This continues to the point where he becomes a literal god during The Bet.

In most dimensions Skysaber travels to, he finds that his own life is featured in the form of a popular fictional series, usually an anime, and he often encounters fans of his.

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