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The Darkest Hour approaches... are YOU afraid of the Dark? - Blurb for Darkest Hour from the author's DeviantArt account.

Skylanders: Darkest Hour is the official name of the three-book arc written by Undead Prowess (formerly known as Numbuh 94) on Fanfiction.Net. It consists of three books, Skylanders: Rise of the Dragon King, Skylanders: Swap Force, and Skylanders: The Book of Heroes. It shows how the Skylanders fight and defeat a great new enemy. 

Skylanders: Rise of the Dragon King

Main article: Skylanders: Rise of the Dragon King

Rise of the Dragon King explains Deu Sol's rise and defeat, as well as the eight elemental dragon pairs. These consist of:

  • Ace & Thor
  • Geo (Skylanders Character) & Boulder
  • Pyro & Blaze
  • Agua & Aquamarine
  • Corpse & Cadaver
  • Bio & Feuille
  • Ala & Kaz
  • Techna & Blade (Skylanders Character)

Deu Sol himself was once a Sun Dragon, or Fire elemental being, but after being corrupted and changed, he became an Undead elemental being. He is classified as an Undead being.

He is also mentioned by Lone Nexus to have incapacitated Sundrake, the Ninth Generation Skylanders' leader somehow. 

The Skylanders, slowly but surely, fight their way against Deu Sol, beating all of his legendary eight dragon pairs, until they finally face him. Along the way, the Skylanders discover some secrets about themselves--some wonderful, some shocking--and discover the true meaning of teamwork and loyalty, life and love, and everything else in between.


So far, Skylanders: Rise of the Dragon King has three spin-offs, The Most Frightening of Rides, My Story (Hex's Entry), and Snow Quest. The Most Frightening of Rides explains Fright Rider's history as shown in Darkest Hour, Snow Quest shows that of Chill's (also as shown in Darkest Hour), and My Story (Hex's Entry) is Hex's history, as mentioned in Darkest Hour.  


In it's completed form, Rise of the Dragon King spans 48 chapters

  1. Spyro Learns His Limits/Castle of Glass
  2. Freeing Sonic Boom's Young
  3. Cynder's Doubts
  4. Meet Ace, Whirlwind!
  5. Jet-Vac's Homeland
  6. For Riley!
  7. Grounds Passed
  8. Mirror, Mirror
  9. Illusion
  10. It's Cold At The Top
  11. Burning Hope
  12. Sandcastle, Pt. 1
  13. Sandcastle, Pt. 2
  14. Bound to the Ground
  15. The Bits and Pieces
  16. We're Losing, Aren't We?
  17. Blitz of the Trade
  18. Query and Quota
  19. Bluefire, Pt. 1
  20. Bluefire, Pt. 2
  21. A Forgotten Truth
  22. Evil Comes Disguised
  23. Colossal and Tidal
  24. The True Plan
  25. Wham-Shell's Folly
  26. Death, the Princess, and the Brave
  27. Affliction
  28. I Said Lab, That Doesn't Mean Potion Lab
  29. Grinding My Gears
  30. Speak of It Never
  31. Dawn of Dark
  32. Hidden Like A Secret
  33. Dominance
  34. Get to Work
  35. Classic Hero, Pt. 1
  36. Classic Hero, Pt. 2
  37. Seriously...
  38. Puppet Master
  39. Hero? I Think Not...
  40. Clash of Power
  41. Game On, Pt. 1
  42. Game On, Pt. 2
  43. Cybernetics
  44. Inside the Black
  45. Fire and Ice
  46. Rise of the Dragon King
  47. Loose Ends
  48. Uproar

Skylanders: Swap Force

An adaptation of the game of the same name; unreleased.

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