Please note that this is a fan-made character for Skunk Fu, an Irish TV cartoon series.

Dr. Cat is a Siamese Cat that was found on the border of the Valley one day, running from a large horde of monkeys. Dr. Cat is a Combat Medic, working in conjunction with Dr. Turtle, whom uses Chinese herbal medicines to prevent disease and injury, rather than Dr. Cat who uses more physical means, meaning that he specializes in trauma care, rather than disease prevention.

Dr. Cat only uses Kung Fu when he absolutely has to, throwing syringes and acupuncture needles and firing blowgun darts until the enemy, mostly a ninja monkey, comes too close. The little Kung Fu he uses is a strange mixture of Leopard and Snake style, the latter being for use of his medical knowledge in combat. He is usually put on the second front line in a fight by Panda.

Panda worries that Dr. Cat is too weak to be so important to the Valley's army, but, as his knowledge of treating immidieate trauma is incomplete, and, therefore leaves him no time to use in learning anymore Kung Fu than he already knows. However, he does learn more of his styles from Panda from time to time, and he is still able to be used in hostile conflict to a good degree.

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