160px-Digimon noimage

Evolution Stage Champion
Attribute Virus
Type Undead Dragon Man
Family Dragon's Roar, Nightmare Soldiers, Metal Empire
List of Digimon

Skull Magnamon is a Champion (Adult in japanese versions) Digimon that appears as a villian in the Naruto Shippuden/Digimon, Digital Hyuga Chronicles made by Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master.


This digimon attacks Techo City while Hanabi and Leomon arrived there, which kills alot of digimons that includes SpinWebmon. He was destroyed by Leomon.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Dead Dragon Fist He summons up the souls of deceased dragons and focused them into his right fist then punchs at his foe which creates a massive explosion.
Death Magna Blaster he blasts a barrage of missles from his armor at his foes.
Hell Zone He creates a hellistic warp in reality that sucks in anything into hell.


Evolves From

  • Veemon

Evolves To


  • -none-

Name Origins

  • Skull. Manga

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