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The Sisters Of Destruction Are An WWF Tag Team Consisting Of Jessica Calaway (Undertaker's Female Counterpart) And Michelle Jacobs (Kane's Counterpart) They Love And Respect Each Other Like Family Here Are Descriptions Of Both (They're Both 19 Years Old)

Jessica Calaway-She Is Wearing An Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs Black Leather Pants And Black Shoes She Wears An Bandana And Earrings, Black Gloves Has An Sara Tattoo On Her Neck And She Has Tattoos On Both Of Her Arms She Is Very Humorous And Funny She Is Undertaker's Female Form She Also Wore Her Deadman Attire In 1996 She Is 6"10 And 328 Pounds (Undertaker's Height And Weight)

Michelle Jacobs-She Wears An Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Red/Black Belt, Black Leather Pants She Has Long Light Brown Hair And She Wears Kane's Mask And Wears High Black Boots Their Manager Is Her Mother Maria Robotnik (Formerly) Calaway (Currently) (Who Actually Looked Like Maria Robotnik And Had Maria's Voice As Well) She Is 7"0 And 326 Pounds (Kane's Height And Weight) In 1990 Michelle Wore The Same Outfit As Jessica They Won Their First Tag Team Title As "The Awesome Powers" And In 1997 Changed Their Name To Sisters Of Destruction

The Formation Of Sisters Of Destruction (1997-Present)

At Bad Blood In 1997 Maria Calaway Saw Jessica Trying To Beat Shawn Michaels (Yes Vince Let Them Compete) And So Maria Sent In Michelle Jacobs (Female Undertaker's Sister) To Help Her In The Process They Formed An Powerful Friendship And Strong Girlfriend Relationship In The Process Vince Wanted To Do An More Girlfriend Relationship Storyline With The Two Which Would Prove Popular With The Fans And Jumpstarted The Attitude Era They Were Interviewed By Michael Cole Who Asked "Why Did You Two Join WWF" And Jessica Responded By Saying "Actually Maria Was My First Manager In 1990 When I Debuted At Survivor Series (1990) As Jessica Calaway I Wore An Black Stetson Hat, Black And Grey Accessories And Grey Boots When I Returned In 1994 At Summerslam 94 Against Fake Undertaker I Wore Purple Gloves And Had Tattoos On Both Of My Arms The Only Reason I Did Compete At Wrestlemania X Cause I Thought I Can Extend My Streak To 4-0 I Faced Macho Man Randy Savage Whereas Undertaker Was Injured And Couldn't Compete And When My Sister Michelle Jacobs Debuted In 1997 As Michelle Jacobs (Who Wore Kane's Attire) Michelle Was Depicted As Kind, Humble, Respectful, Courageous, Helpful, Funny, Delightful, Full Of Positive Energy, Smiles A Lot, Considerate And Thoughtful Michelle And I Got Along Very Well And Had An High Chemistry As A Tag Team We Were Known As Sisters Of Destruction Maria Calaway Smiled And Said She Wanted To Be Involved In This Storyline And Vince Gladly Let Her In The Storyline

Fourteenth WWF Tag Team Title Win (1997)

In 1997 At Wrestlemania 13 Jessica Calaway Who'd Already Won 13 World Wrestling Federation Championships And 13 World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles Defeated Sycho Sid To Win Her 14th World Wrestling Federation Championship Michelle Who Had 13 Tag Team Titles (All Came With Jessica Calaway As Her Partner) Note: Jessica Was Now 7-0 At Wrestlemania She Won Her 14th Tag Team Title With Michelle And Together They Made History Together In 1998 At Wrestlemania 14


Sisters Of Destruction: The History Of Sisters Of Destruction

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