Sindel-MK-Mortal-Kombat-character-fan-art-artwork-by disantt

Sindel As She Appears In Mortal Kombat Sindel Has Soft Younger White Skin Grey Eyes With Black Irises Black/White Long Hair Which Is Used As A Whip She Wears An Purple Vest With Purple Armbands She Had Red Lipstick On She Stood Across The Arena From Her Own Son The Undertaker (Jonathan) Difference Here Was Jonathan Was Wearing His Western Mortician (1991-94) Outfit Which Was Also His WM 13 (1997) Attire Along Came Sareena Who Has Heard Of "The Undertaker" Sareena Immediately Thinks Of 6-0 At Wrestlemania

Alignment With Undertaker

Sindel And Undertaker Had A Lot In Common They Were Impervious To Pain (Jonathan's 1991 Gimmick), Powerful And Stronger Than They Were Nitara The Vampiress Couldn't Resist But To Touch Undertaker's Western Mortician Outfit She Instantly Looked Up At Jonathan's Eyes And They Were Deadman Like Which She Loved

Escaping From The Mortal Kombat Realm

They Found Themselves Stuck In The Mortal Kombat Realm And Khameleon Who Was Standing By The Exit Which Led To The Real World

Involvement In The Mortal Kombat Tournament

Due To The WWF Royal Rumble Approaching In 1992 Which Undertaker Agreed To Take Part In He Was Unable To Compete Sindel Realizes Just How Powerful Undertaker Was Unfortunately For Shang Tsung Undertaker's Body Parts Can't Be Ripped Apart But Undertaker Can Rip Others Body Parts Apart Which Spelled Bad News For Them It Also Didn't Help That Undertaker Was An Supernatural Omnipotent Force That Cannot Be Killed During This Time Undertaker Had Won The 1992 WWF Royal Rumble Which Guranteed Him An Title Shot At Wrestlemania 8 Against Ric Flair Undertaker Beaten Jake Roberts And Proceeded To Give An Big Beatdown To Ric Flair Which Gave Undertaker His 2nd World Wrestling Federation Title Making Undertaker 2-0 At Wrestlemania In The Process

Shinnok Returns

During 1997 Jonathan As Undertaker Had Taken On An Completely New Persona As The Lord Of Darkness He Began Attacking Outworld's Best Warriors One By One They Fell To The Undertaker Who Would Go On To Win His 3rd Consecutive World Wrestling Federation Title At Wrestlemania 13 (1997) Once Again As The Western Mortician While Portraying His Lord Of Darkness Character Beating Sycho Sid Interestingly Enough His Long Sister Was Stuck In The Casket She Opened It Her Face Was Extremely Youthful And Yellow She Wore Jonathan's Original Western Mortician Attire (1991-94) But It Showed Her Yellow Stomach She Had Youthful Yellow Skin, Blond Long Hair And Pink Lipstick She Calls Herself "The Lord Of Darkness's Daughter" Her Name Was Kimberly Ann Simpson Who Prefers To Go By Kimberly Simpson She Also Wore An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Yellow Boobs And Stomach Black Leather Pants And Black Shoes As Her 2nd Attire She Followed Jonathan Around As His Daughter And Sidekick Other Daughters Mandy, Melissa, Julie, Amy And Rachael Simpson They Were Known As The Lord Of Darkness's Daughters Wearing The Same Clothes As Kimberly Simpson They Follow Jonathan Around He And His Daughters Escaped From The Mortal Kombat World Back Into The Real World Kimberly Lived Peacefully In Beverly Hills California

Onaga's Rule Of Outworld

Onaga The Dragon King Had Conquered Outworld With His Army During Wrestlemania X-Seven In 2001 Jonathan Was The Western Mortician Badass (Combination Of His Western Mortician Attire And His Real Life Persona And Hobby Which Was Bikes) Riding His 500 Dollar Motorcycle Into Reliant Stadium (Astrodome) In Houston Texas As Jonathan Thrashed Triple H With His Last Ride He Had The Distinct Honor Of Being The Only Guy Capable Beating Triple H

Retro Undertaker Returns (Mortal Kombat 2011)

He Is Also An Unlockable Retro Outfit For Jonathan Known As "The Western Mortician" Whom Jonathan Was Portraying 1991-94 His Finisher Is The Tombstone Piledriver Which Actually Served As His Fatality

Moving In With Kimberly

Jonathan Had

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