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Simon Fitzpatrick was Jonathan Mitchell's chief of staff during Day 1.

Day 1

Simon spoke with Governor Mitchel about Janice Kyle's lack of improvement on the speech Jonathan was to give denouncing David Palmer. He told him that Roger James, the deputy had a good speech and that if Janice didn't have a better one, she would be let go. Simon later uncaringly told Janice of the 9:00am deadline.

Jonathan reviewed Roger's speech and told Simon to tell Janice to make a few corrections by morning. Simon did so, unaware that Janice had heard the entire conversation. Simon told Janice only half of the conversation, but Janice didn't seem to care. Simon told the governor his opinion of Janice before leaving him to go to sleep.

Simon received a call from Roger saying he was retracting his speech. Simon tried to tell the governor, but agent Pratt refused to let him in. Simon decided to go to the James house himself.

Simon arrived at the James' house, but got no answer at the door. He snuck in through an open window and was almost attacked by Roger. Simon took Roger back to the governor's mansion where they told the governor about Roger pulling back his speech. Roger decided to leave.

Jonathan agreed with Simon about there being something wrong with Roger's attitude, but knew he couldn't officially condone an investigation, so he made an unofficial deal with Simon to discover what was going on, which was eventually discovered to be Janice Kyle.


Day 1

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