Sleep and smile by RitaTheHedgehog

Shima The Hedgehog Is The Younger Sister Of Jonathan She Acts The Same Way As Him She Wears An Dark Pink Tanktop Which Shows Her Black Belly And Her Dark Pink Underwear Which Shima Would Wear Random Clothing She Picks Out These Are Her Nighttime Pajamas She Has The Same Design As Jonathan And She Strongly Dislikes Shadow And Asks Jonathan To Kick His Ass When He Tries To Get Near Her Shima Is Very Funny She Also Gets Involved In Beating Shadow Up

Helping And Befriending Jonathan

Shima Was Walking Merrily (Shima Was Wearing Her Dark Pink Tanktop Which Showed Her Black Belly Light Blue Jeans And Black Sandals) Until Shima Saw Jonathan Falling From The Sky And She Catches Him Which Starts Their Beautiful Relationship They Become Unseperable Shima Helps Jonathan Out A Lot

Family And Relatives

Shade The Hedgehog-Mother

Jonathan The Hedgehog-Brother

Shade The Hedgehog Jr-Sister

Erika The Hedgehog-Sister

Jackie The Hedgehog-Sister

Martha The Hedgehog-Sister

Marianna The Hedgehog-Sister (Marianna Is Extremely Funny And Tells Great Jokes)

Rose The Hedgehog-Sister

She Will Be Jonathan's Sister

Helping Jonathan Find The Chaos Emeralds

Shima And Jonathan Ended Up In Mobius They Worked Together To Find The Chaos Emeralds They Discover The Eggman Stole Them So They Decided To Pursue After Him

Accessing Her Powers

Shima Arrived At Her House She Then Steps Into The Machine As A Result She Gained Chaos Powers And Abilities And Super Speed

TV Series

Sonic Boom Which Is An Animinated Series Which Will Feature Shima And Her Family

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