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Older She Hulk-She Had Longer Dark Green Hair She Wore An Dark Purple/White T-Shirt In Which Her Boobs Showed Noticeably And Her Green Stomach Showed She Wore Light Blue Jeans With An Black Belt Around Her Stomach And Black/White Sneakers She Has Dark Green Lips She Gained Her Citizenship In The USA Trivia: She Is The Nicest One You Can Possibly Meet She Is Sexy As She Looks

Red She Hulk-She Has Dark Purple Long Hair With Red Bangs She Wore An Black Vest With Purple Sleeves The Vest Showed Her Boobs And Stomach She Had Black Leather Pants And Black Sandals She Had Black Lips

She Hulk-She Is Green Has Long Dark Green Hair Wears An White Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Green Stomach Black Leather Pants Which Contain Her Belt And Weapons At Her Disposal She Wears Black Gloves, Black Boots And Holds Two Pistols She Has Green Lips

All Sonic Characters/Villains

Young Older She Hulk-She Looks Like Older She Hulk But Younger

Young Red She Hulk-She Looks A Lot Like Red She Hulk But Younger

Young She Hulk-She Looks Just Like She Hulk

She Hulk Sisters Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Story Arc 1: The Chaos Emerald Capers

  • At Angel Island*

Older She Hulk: Oh No This Is Not Good

Red She Hulk: I Can't Believe They're Gone

She Hulk: Oh God Who Took Them

Older She Hulk: I'd Assume That Robotnik Has Them

Red She Hulk: Quick We Must Hunt Him Down

She Hulk: Right

  • They Track Him Down*

Older She Hulk: Oh God How Did That Happen I Thought We Were Supposed To Keep An Eye On Them

Red She Hulk: I Know Apparently We Didn't Do Our Job Correctly

She Hulk: Exactly Great Thing Is We're Beautiful Women Hired By The Freedom Fighters To Do Their Work

Older She Hulk: *Smiles* Oh Yes That's Grand We're Ready For The Job Plus We're Experienced We Can Factor Into This And We're Sexy As Well

Red She Hulk: Damn Straight We Are

Young Older She Hulk: We Overheard You Three Gals Discussing About Your Hiring I Thought We Would Give You An Hand Here

Young Red She Hulk: We Prove To Be Useful In Combat As Our Strength Suggests

Young She Hulk: We Can Be Great And Work Together As An Team

Older She Hulk: *Smiles* Sure!!!! We Can Use A Little Extra Muscle

Young Older She Hulk: Yay!!!! *Smiles* This Is Gonna Be Fun!!!!

  • They Chase After Robotnik Together*

Young Older She Hulk: So What Do You Girls Do For A Living

Older She Hulk: Well We're Actually Freedom Fighters's Backup Plan

Red She Hulk: So Basically We're Their Helpers

  • They All Look Up*

Young Older She Hulk: *Gasps* Oh Crud He's Got Them All

Young Red She Hulk: And I Think He's Gonna Blow Mobius Up

Young She Hulk: Oh Dear This Is Horrible

Older She Hulk: We've Got To Evacualate The Entire City Of Mobius

Red She Hulk: Agreed

She Hulk: Agreed

  • They Run Off For Mobius*

Amy Rose: *Looks Up* Everyone Evacuate Immediately

  • The Mobians Pack Their Stuff Up And Leave*

Young Older She Hulk: I Don't Think So Robotnik We Won't Let Your Plans Go Through

Young Red She Hulk: We Will Stop You

Young She Hulk: And Bring You Down

Older She Hulk: Yeah!!!! What They Said

Red She Hulk: Agreed

She Hulk: We're Ready For Whatever You Throw At Us

  • Hours Later*

Older She Hulk: Heh Not So Tough Now Is He

Red She Hulk: Nope

She Hulk: We Were Too Much For Him To Handle

Young Older She Hulk: Yep I Agree

Young Red She Hulk: That Was An Fun Exercise

Young She Hulk: Agreed

Story Arc 2: Searching For The Prelates

  • In Dark Mobius*

Older She Hulk: Obviously I Hadn't Been Here Before

Young Older She Hulk: Neither Have I I'm Curious To Know As To What This Place Is?

Red She Hulk: I Think We're In Dark Mobius

She Hulk: Yikes This Is The Last Place We Expected To See

  • The Prelates Jump Down*

Young Red She Hulk: Everybody Get Ready To Attack Them

Older She Hulk: Right

  • They Attack The Prelates*

She Hulk: *Smiles* Now It Would Be A Good Idea To Pull Out My AK-47 *Pulls Out Her AK-47 And Starts Shooting* Bombs Away

Red She Hulk: *Combating Prelate-JS* Man She's Tougher Than I Thought

Prelate-JS: *Smiles* I Was The One Who Trained You Gals Let's See If You Can Counter My Punch Attack

Red She Hulk: Sounds Good Give It Your Best Shot

Prelate-JS: *Smiles* Okay!!!! *Throws An Punch*

Red She Hulk: *Grabs Her Hand And Blocks It Countering It Into An Flipslam* Wow That Was Incredible

She Hulk: *Lifts Prelate Amy Rose Up* F5 Time *Spins Around And F5's Prelate Amy Rose To The Ground Causing Her Pink Core To Come Out*

Young Older She Hulk: *Gathering Up The Cores* This Is Easier Than I Thought

  • The Ultimate Showdown*

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