She Hulk As She Appears In The Alternate Marvel Universe She Had Longer Dark Green Hair She Wore An Dark Purple/White T-Shirt In Which Her Boobs Showed Noticeably And Her Green Stomach Showed She Wore Light Blue Jeans With An Black Belt Around Her Stomach And Black Sandals She Is Referred As Older She Hulk

Appearances In Comics

She And Red She Hulk And She Hulk Have An Comic Series Together Called Older She Hulk And Red She Hulk And She Hulk In Which They All Work Together As Partners To Take Down Enemies Ironically Those Series Are Made By Both Archie And Marvel And Does Feature Sonic Characters

Powers And Abilities

She Is Extremely Strong Because She Can Lift Things With Her Hands

Gaining Her USA Citizenship

She Moved From Staten Island New York To Wendell Idaho Where She And Her Two Helpers Reside

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