Sharla is a warthog who appeared in the Timon & Pumbaa episode "Home is Where the Hog is".


Before the events of The Lion King and its sequels and spin-off, Sharla's warthog sounder decided to cast out her boyfriend, Pumbaa Smith, ofr his odor. It didn't matter, since she still loves him and never forgot about him.

Since then, she was appointed the leader of the sounder. However, sometime after, the sounder was overrun by Guinea fowl. The warthogs of the sounder oinked a distress call, which Pumbaa and his meerkat friend, Timon Berkowitz, overheard. They ran to the sounder and thought up some plans to get rid of the Guinea fowl. Nothing worked until they remembered the run-down Jeep. The returned with the now-fixed Jeep to deliver the sounder's supply of bugs.

That night, Sharla spent the night atop the sounder's fortress with Pumbaa under the moonlight. The following morning, Timon and Pumbaa left the sounder on their Jeep to lead the fowl away. The sounder oinked a victory call. It is speculated by fans that Sharla may see Pumbaa again someday, but that's another story...

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