Shahra by dullvivid-d4z6pl7

Shahra As She Appears In Jonathan The Hedgehog: Origin Of Shahra The Magical Genie She Is Light Tan She Wears An Belly Dancer's Outfit And Has Pink Hair She Is Jonathan's Genie And Grants Him Wishes

Meeting Jonathan First Time

While In The Park Jonathan The Hedgehog Found An Genie Lamp When Jonathan Rubbed It Shahra Came Out Of The Genie Lamp Twirling And She Begins To Sparkle She Introduces Herself To Jonathan And They Became Friends

Shahra's Hidden Form

Shahra Also Has An Hidden Magical Form Called "Sorceress Shahra" Who Wore The Exact Belly Dancer Outfit As Shahra Only The Color Is Black She Now Wields An Magical Wand Which Allows Her To Turn Any Object Into Anything As She Sees Fit Shahra Becomes Powerful In This Form She Is Immune To All Attacks She Now Can Throw Orbs From Her Hands Which In Effect Causes Her Enemies To Explode

Jonathan's Ultimate Form

Shahra Granted Jonathan An Wish Which Caused Jonathan To Turn Into Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog


Jonathan The Hedgehog: Origin Of Shahra The Magical Genie

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