1000px-Shade the Hedgehog by Hunter the hedgehog

Shade Kayla The Hedgehog Jr. She Is The Daughter Of Shade The Hedgehog And Sister To Jonathan The Hedgehog Like Shade She Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills She Wears An Red Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Black Stomach She Wears An Spiked Belt Wears Light Grey Jeans And Red Shoes She Is The Master Of Chaos Control, Chaos Blast And Chaos Spear She Is One Hot Girl And Romances Jonathan The Hedgehog

Shade Jr's Birth

Shade The Hedgehog Jr Was Released From Suspended Animation And Excitedly Ran Over To Jonathan Tackling Him To The Ground Hugging Him

Freedom Planet (Comics)

She Debuted In Issue # 1 Story 2: Jonathan Vs. The Clock To Save The World Where She Fights Off Robotnik's Swatbots She Greets Jonathan And His Female Friends Shade The Hedgehog Jr Appears In All Issues Of The Comic She Also Has Her Own Comics Which Featured Jonathan The Hedgehog, Herself, Shade The Hedgehog, Jessica The Hedgehog And Naomi The Hedgehog As The Main Characters Called "Shade The Hedgehog Jr" Which Was Published By Archie In 1994 Laura, Lauren, Emily, Amy, Nikki, Jessica Robotnik And Flare The Fire Hedgehog (Female) Also Appear In The Shade The Hedgehog Jr Comics Alongside Them As Supporting Characters Along With One Of The Newest Female Characters (Trish The Hedgehog Who Bears Strong Resemblance To Shade In Looks, Appearance And Clothing Trish Has An Very Huge Sense Of Humor And She Loves To Laugh A Lot)

Shade The Hedgehog Jr (Comics)

The Series Focuses On Shade The Hedgehog Jr And Her Family On Their Marvelous Adventures That Is Until Robotnik Manages To Ruining Them And Out Of Nowhere Laura The Hedgehog, Lauren The Hedgehog, Emily The Hedgehog, Flare The Fire Hedgehog, Amy The Hedgehog, Jessica Robotnik, Nikki The Hedgehog And Now Trish The Hedgehog Rushed Out In Front Of Them To Defend Them Robotnik Tries To Flee But Trish The Hedgehog Gets An Idea And Throws Jonathan Up There In Which Jonathan Smashed Robotnik's Cruiser With One Mighty Punch Trish's Role In The Series Is Key Trish Has New Abilities That She Uses To Help Out

Powers And Abilities

Shade Jr Has Jonathan's And Shade's Abilities Combined


Shade Jr Is Fun-Loving, Engaging, Loves Thrill-Seeking Adventures And Loves To Hunt For Chaos Emeralds


Shade Is A Sweetheart And Loves To Help Others When She Needs To

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