1000px-Shade the Hedgehog by Hunter the hedgehog

Shade The Hedgehog Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Biological Sister And Real Sister She Looks Just Like Jonathan Himself Only Shade Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills Wears An Red Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes With A Spiked Belt She Has An Light Yellow Mouth Here's Shade With More Fun Facts

Shade The Hedgehog: I Have 5 Sisters (Maggie, Rachael, Susanna, Amber And Jessica They Also Appear) *Smiles* I Have An Huge Sense Of Humor So Does My Sisters I Have Red Eyes White Eyelids I Have Spiked Wristbands I'm Jonathan's Real Mother I Have Two More Sisters (Nicole And Ashley) That Look Like Me (Danielle The Hedgehog, Carla The Hedgehog And Kathleen The Hedgehog) And Alyssa The Hedgehog Look Like Me And Wear My Clothes I Have 10 Daughters In Total Including Stephanie The Hedgehog (An Very Friendly Female Hedgehog And Jonathan's Best Friend) Jonathan's Sister Laura Is Introduced In Jonathan And Shade The Hedgehog: The Movie Laura Will Introduce Herself To You Loyal Fans

Laura The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Hi I'm Laura Jonathan's Sister In That Movie I Become The 11th Daughter

Other Friends

Prelate Shade The Hedgehog

Prelate Jessica The Hedgehog

Prelate Laura The Hedgehog

Prelate Lauren The Hedgehog

Prelate Naomi The Hedgehog

Prelate Emily The Hedgehog

Prelate Amy The Hedgehog

Prelate Nikki The Hedgehog

Prelate Flare The Fire Hedgehog (Both Flares Look Like Shade And Wear Her Clothes)

Jessica "Ivo Eggman" Robotnik-Jessica Wears An Attractive Eggman Jacket Showing Her Black Tanktop With Her White Belly Sticking Out Black Jeans And Black Boots And Goggles On Top Of Her Head Jessica Is Much Smarter Than Eggman Her IQ 900 Proves That She Has Female Badniks That Are Attractive And Sexy And Loves To Help Jonathan Out

Mysterious Hedgehogs= Laura The Hedgehog!!!!!, Lauren The Hedgehog!!!, Emily The Hedgehog, Amy The Hedgehog And Nikki The Hedgehog, Flare The Fire Hedgehog

History And Creation

During Jonathan The Hedgehog's Battle Against Dr. Robotnik In Which Jonathan Destroys Robotnik Jonathan Heads Back Into His Lab In Westopolis Jonathan Opens Shade's Stasis Tube Which Shade Breathes In Good Air And Walked Towards Jonathan In A Happy Mood Shade Hugged Jonathan Her Sisters Appear Interestingly They Look Like Shade And Wore Her Clothes As Well They Hugged Jonathan

Gaining Her Chaos Powers And Abilities

Shade Obtained An Green Chaos Emerald Which Granted Her Chaos Powers And Abilities And Her Sisters Each Got An Chaos Emerald And They Become Jonathan's Family They Help Him On Missions

First Super Transformation

Shade Has Never Gone Super Before Whereas With Jonathan He Went Super 12 Times Her Super Form Super Shade Shade Has Long Yellow Hair But With Yellow Quills Same Clothes As Her Casual Clothing And Red Eyes And Yellow Eyelids Shade In Her Super Form Destroyed The Robot And Reverted Back To Normal Her Sisters In Their Super Forms Helped Her

Taking On The Suppression Squad As A Family

Shade And Her Family Took On The Suppression Squad As An Family With Jonathan The Hedgehog Leading The Charge Teaming Up With His Sisters Nicole And Ashley The Hedgehog (Who Look Like Shade And Wear Her Clothes) They Beat Them

Appearances In Movies

Shade The Hedgehog (Movie)

Jonathan And Shade The Hedgehog: Partners In Time (Movie)

Appearances In Fanfics

The Hedgehog Family: The Power Of Teamwork

Jonathan The Hedgehog CD (1993 Fanfic)-Shade Actually Wore The Same Clothes As She Does Now

About Shade

Shade Is An Great Mother To Jonathan And She Cares For Him Very Much Is Willing To Protect Him Shade Loves To Tag Along On His Adventures Shade Is Listed At 5"10 And 200 Ibs

Team Shade

Team Shade Consisted Of Shade The Hedgehog, Alyssa The Hedgehog, Maggie The Hedgehog, Susanna The Hedgehog, Carla The Hedgehog, Danielle The Hedgehog, Amber The Hedgehog, Jessica The Hedgehog, Nicole The Hedgehog, Ashley The Hedgehog, Jonathan The Hedgehog (Fastest Thing To Exist) And Stephanie The Hedgehog They Immediately Worked Well As A Team They Appear In The Fanfic Team Shade: Saving The World Naomi Joins Them

Shade's Life Story

Shade Grew Up In Westopolis When She Was 13 She Met An 19 Year Old Jonathan The Hedgehog Mothering And Nuturing Him Giving Him An Place To Stay Which Was Her Apartment In Westopolis Her Daughters Alyssa The Hedgehog, Maggie The Hedgehog, Susanna The Hedgehog, Carla The Hedgehog, Danielle The Hedgehog, Amber The Hedgehog, Jessica The Hedgehog, Nicole The Hedgehog, Ashley The Hedgehog, And Stephanie The Hedgehog, And Naomi The Hedgehog (Newest Member) Appeared Alongside Shade Too As Shade's Faithful Daughters When Shade Debuted Shade Was Casted As Jonathan's Sidekick

DNA Test

Shade The Hedgehog And Jonathan The Hedgehog Decided To Take An DNA Test To See If Shade Is Jonathan's Mother Shade Was In Fact Proven To Be Jonathan's Mother Because They Look A Like Shade Decided To Take Jonathan In As Her Own

Merchandise And Commercials

Shade And Jonathan The Hedgehog Appeared Together In A 1993 Sega CD Commercial Promoting Sonic CD Which Actually Included The Add-On Jonathan CD Which Played Like Sonic CD Only It Starred Jonathan Himself And The Debuting Characters Were Metal Sonic, Amy, Shade The Hedgehog And Her Daughters It Had The Same Mechanics They Added An Bonus Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 Makes His Super Form Debut In Jonathan CD The Plot In Jonathan CD Was Basically The Same As Sonic CD Only This Time Jonathan Is The Playable Character But Here's An Catch He Has Partners (Shade The Hedgehog And Her Daughters) That Will Travel With Jonathan As He Tries To Save Both Little Planet And Amy Rose From Dr. Robotnik With Help From Shade And Her Daughters The Main Object Is To Get The 7 Time Stones In Each Level To Achieve An Good Ending Ironically Jonathan Can Go Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 In Any Level At Anytime In 1998 Jonathan Was Back But In 3D Form As He Presented "Sonic Adventure Featuring Jonathan The Hedgehog" This Edition Had One Notable Feature It Was The First Game That Jonathan Appeared In Big The Cat Was Replaced By Jonathan Who Had His Unique Levels And Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 (His Super Form) Goes 3D Sega At This Point Was Definitely Impressed With Jonathan And Shade And Were Immediately Sold On Them Being The New Mascots Her Daughters Would Make Great Mascots So They Brought Them In For Tryouts And They Made The Cut Jonathan's Magazine Debut Was 1998 "The New Faces Of Sega" In 2001 When Sonic Adventure 2 Was Released Jonathan, Shade And Her Daughters Were Already On The Hero Side While Dr. Eggman, Shadow And Rouge Were On The Dark Side Jonathan's Theme For The Game Was "Live And Learn (2000 Remix)" Shade Had The Same Theme As Jonathan Jonathan Had A Lot Of Easy Levels In Both Sonic 1 And 2 Those Games Weren't Short It Had A Story Mode Which Classic Sonic Requested Sega To Make Sega Obliged His Request Sega Says Those Story Modes Had 13 Different Playable Characters To Choose From (Jonathan The Hedgehog, Shade The Hedgehog, Maggie The Hedgehog, Susanna The Hedgehog, Carla The Hedgehog, Alyssa The Hedgehog, Danielle The Hedgehog, Jessica The Hedgehog, Nicole The Hedgehog, Ashley The Hedgehog, Stephanie The Hedgehog And Naomi The Hedgehog) They Also Had The Option To Have Teamwork Which Involves Them All The Main Plot Of Those Two Games Were Jonathan And Shade Were Resting Peacefully In Green Hill Zone (Scene Of Jonathan's First Adventure)

Criticial Reception

Everyone (Including The Critics) Loved Shade She Was The Perfect Sidekick To Jonathan The Hedgehog And Her Daughters Proved To Be Faithful Companions Of Jonathan Shade Won Best Character Of The Year Award (2001) Along With Jonathan (2001) Takashi Lizuka Said "I Was Happy With This Version Of Shade She Is Meant To Be Jonathan's Mother" Ian Flynn Says "I Loved Making Jonathan And Shade The Hedgehog Archie Comics Jonathan's Always Been My Favorite Character I Gave Him The Royal Treatment" In 1993 Archie Published The First Issue Of Jonathan And Shade The Hedgehog Which Cost 1.50 Fortnight The First Issue Had Jonathan And Shade And Friends On The Cover  Classic Amy Actually Has Made Appearances Such As Issue # 1 (1993) In The Story: Jonathan And Shade: Lost Cause Which Depicts Classic Amy As A Crazed Stalker It's Up To Shade The Hedgehog To Protect Jonathan From Classic Amy's Crazed Behavior So Shade Takes Jonathan To Jessica Robotnik's Lovely Base Which Jessica Robotnik Was Scared For Jonathan's Safety Decides To Lock The Doors To Her Base Jessica Then Orders Her Female Badniks To Capture Her And Place Her In A Mental Aslyum One Of Shade's Favorite Issues Was Issue # 2 Story 1: The Day Of The Dark Legion's Takeover Of Mobius Which Pits Jonathan, Shade And Friends Against The Dark Legion This Issue Is Notable For The Appearance Of Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 (Jonathan's Super Form) Jessica Robotnik Who Was In Her Base Immediately Contacted Jonathan Via Her Teleprompter Jonathan Suddenly Receives Jessica's Message And Heads Back To The Base There Shade Was Explaining To Jessica That The Dark Legion Was Approaching Mobius So Jessica Calls Upon Her Friends To Discuss This Matter And They Took On The Dark Legion Archie Also Released Freedom Planet Comic Series Which Featured The Female Cast Of Freedom Planet With Jonathan And Shade The Hedgehog On The Cover Their First Issue Was Issue # 1 (1993-94) The Debuting Character Was Rikka The Hedgehog An Galactic Purple Female Hedgehog Who Possessed Great Powers Took A Liking To Jonathan And Taught Him The Art Of "Galactic Powers" Which Ended Up Giving Jonathan "Galactic Powers" The Premise Of These Series Was After The Events Of Jonathan And Shade The Hedgehog Jonathan Teleported Himself And Shade Onto Freedom Planet Where Jonathan Recognizes His Old Female Buddies

Playable Roles

Shade And Her Daughters Had A Lot Of Playable Roles Here Are The Games In That Order

Sonic 1 Featuring Jonathan (1991)-Playable

Sonic 2 Featuring Jonathan (1992)-Playable

Sonic CD (1993)-Playable (She Is Jonathan's Partner)

Sonic 3 (1994)-Playable

Sonic 3 And Knuckles (1994)-Playable

Sonic CD (PC Port) (1996)-Playable

Sonic Adventure Featuring Jonathan (1998)-Playable

Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)-Playable

Sonic Heroes (2003)-Playable On Team Shade

Sonic Riders (2006)-She Is Playable In The Team Shade Story In Which Jonathan Publicity Humiliates Team Babylon And Exposed Them As "Frauds"

Role In Jonathan The Hedgehog's Life

Shade Is An Key Part Of Jonathan's Life Along With Laura The Hedgehog, Jessica The Hedgehog And Naomi The Hedgehog They Help Jonathan Out On His Adventures Shade, Laura, Jessica And Naomi Tag Along On Jonathan's Adventures Hours Later Lauren Joins His Adventures

Introduction Of Lauren The Hedgehog

In The Same Movie In The Same Scene Lauren The Hedgehog (Who Looks Like Shade In Looks, Appearance And Wears The Same Outfit As Shade) Saves Shade, Jonathan, Laura, Jessica And Naomi From The Prelates Lauren's Profile Says That Lauren's Favorite Person In The World Is Jonathan The Hedgehog And Always Helps Him Out On His Missions

Shade The Hedgehog (OVA)

In 1996 An OVA Series Called Shade The Hedgehog Was Released It Featured Shade In Her OVA Form Voicing Herself And Her Friends Voicing Themselves In One Particular Scene Shade Was Trapped In New Mobotropolis But Jonathan The Hedgehog Came To The Rescue But With Help From His Friends Other OVA's Featuring Shade And Friends Take Place In Different Parts Of New Mobotropolis

Working With Jessica Robotnik And Prelate Female Friends

Shade Has Also Worked With Her Close Allies Hand On Hand On Various Projects Ranging From Creating An New Tracking Device To Creating An Machine That Can Pick Up Signals And Activities

Other Adventures

Shade On Occasion Would Go On Expeditions To Great Places Finding Neat Stuff To Bring Back

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