Main Characters (Shade's Daughters Look Like Her In Looks, Appearance And Clothing)

Shade The Hedgehog-She Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Biological Sister And Real Sister She Looks Just Like Jonathan Himself Only Shade Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills Wears An Red Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes With A Spiked Belt She Has An Light Yellow Mouth She Is His Mother

Jonathan The Hedgehog-He Is Shade's Son

Alyssa The Hedgehog

Maggie The Hedgehog

Susanna The Hedgehog

Carla The Hedgehog

Danielle The Hedgehog

Amber The Hedgehog

Jessica The Hedgehog

Nicole The Hedgehog

Ashley The Hedgehog

Stephanie The Hedgehog

Naomi The Hedgehog-Naomi Is Very Hot, Sexy And Attractive Godmother To Jonathan She Also Appears In Fanfics As Team Shade's Member Naomi Is Cute, Kind, Helpful, Thoughtful, Caring And Considerate She Takes After Jonathan In Speed, Chaos Powers And Abilities And Super Form She Looks A Lot Like Shade In Apppearance, Looks, Clothing Naomi Also Appears In Fanfics Starring Jonathan, Shade And Her Daughters

All Sonic Characters/Villains

Scene 1: Shade's Birth And Awakening

  • On Space Colony Ark*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I've Gathered Shade's Data

Naomi The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Oh Yay That's Great

Alyssa The Hedgehog: Now That We Got The Data We Can Release Shade From Her Suspended Animation

Carla The Hedgehog: Agreed

Danielle The Hedgehog: Agreed

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Okay *Puts The Chaos Emerald In The Hole* It's Asking For The Password

Maggie The Hedgehog: You Know The Password

Jonathan The Hedgehog: M-A-R-I-A *Types It In* Maria

  • Access Granted*
  • The Stasis Tube Rises From The Ground Onto The Top*
  • It Opens*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Mom Can You Hear Me It's Your Son Jonathan The Hedgehog

Shade The Hedgehog: *Opens Her Beautiful Red Eyes With White Eyelids* Jonathan? YAY!!!!! *Hugs Jonathan*  I Love You So Much I'm Proud To Be Your Mother After All I Am Cute And Sexy You Know

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Mom!!!! *Hugs Shade*

Shade The Hedgehog: Wow I Look Attractive To You *Smiles* Say Jonathan Whatever Happened To The Chaos Emeralds

Jonathan The Hedgehog: The Deadly Six Has Them

Shade The Hedgehog: *Gasps* Oh God No!!!!! We Must Go To Hex Planet And Get Them Back That Means You And Me Both Must Go And Retrieve Them

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right Shade

Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* We Should Star In Our Own Movie With Just Us Two My Daughters Can Be Our Ally Characters

Maggie The Hedgehog: *Smiles* That Works Well Because You Two Would Star In Your Own Movie We'll Watch The Ark

Shade The Hedgehog: Okay Then Jonathan Let's Go *Smiles*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Okay

  • They Both Grab Their Snowboards*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Opens The Exit* Germonino!!!!! *Jumps Out Of The Ark*

Shade The Hedgehog: Yippeeee!!!!! *Jumps Out Of The Ark*

Maggie The Hedgehog: Good Luck *Closes The Exit*

  • In Space*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: We're Falling At 105 MPH

Shade The Hedgehog: Wow That's Fast

  • They Safely Land On Hex Planet*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Hmm Where Could They Be?

Shade The Hedgehog: I'm Not Sure Wait The Deadly Six Is Up There With Them

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Jumps Up*

  • BOOM*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: We've Got Them

Shade The Hedgehog: Now

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