Shade the echidna by minalightning-d4xygl6

Shade The Echidna Who Is An Current WWF Superstar Wrestling For World Wrestling Federation Shade Wore An Silver Neck Brace, Silver Elbow Bands, Black/Pink Tubetop Which Showed Her Orange Stomach Silver/Pink Belt Black/Pink Leather Pants Black Taped Gloves Silver/Pink Wristbands And Black Boots She Has Light Purple Eyes With Black Irises Her Orange Tail Shows

Early Life

Shade Grew Up On Angel Island It Was The Perfect Place To Start Her Training And Sparring Sessions Shade Had Surprisingly Brute Strength Something Uncommon For An Female Echidna Like Herself Shade Sent Her Tapes To WCW Who Was Immediately Impressed With Shade's Athleticism And Decided To Sign Her Right Away

WCW Career (1988-1990)

Shade Astonished Many She Performed Under Various Ring Names Such As "The Dazzler", "The Chosen One" "The Real Deal" And "The Intimidator" (Pun Of The Undertaker)

WWF Career (1990-Present)

Shade Debuted As An On-Screen Girlfriend Of Jonathan They Were Getting Married Inside The Church She Competed In Her Very First Match In 1993 Against Bull Nakano

Birth Of Shademania (1993-Present)

Everyone Loved Shade And Her Charming Personality Shade Gives It Her All For Her Faithful Fans Shade Became The First Official Recognized WWF Women's Champion In 1998 Note: Shade Did Win The Championship In 91,92,93,94,95,96 And 97 She Debuted At Wrestlemania 13 (1997) She Became The WWF Women's Champion In 1998 After Madusa On WCW Threw The WWF Women's Championship In The Trash Which Sealed Her Fate And Was Awarded To Shade Instead Shade Didn't Know What To Say She Was So Humbled To Accept The Championship

In Wrestling


Finisher: Figure 4 Lock

Signature: Two Handed Chokeslam


Belly To Belly DDT

Pumphandle Slam

Sidewalk Slam

Snake Eyes

Oklahoma Slam


Shade The Echidna: The Legendary WWF Women's Champion

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