Shade the echidna by minalightning-d4xygl6

Shade The Echidna As She Appears In The Movie Jonathan The Hedgehog: The Legend Is Born Shade Wore An Silver Neck Brace, Silver Elbow Bands, Black/Pink Tubetop Which Showed Her Orange Stomach Silver/Pink Belt Black/Pink Leather Pants Black Taped Gloves Silver/Pink Wristbands And Black Boots She Has Light Purple Eyes With Black Irises Her Orange Tail Shows

Teaming Up With Jonathan

Shade Was Merrily Walking Along Until She Spotted Amy Rose, Super Amy Rose And Jonathan The Hedgehog And Decided To Team Up With Them

Disposing Eggman

Shade Was Used To Destroy The Security Cameras In Some Cases Shade And Jonathan Work Together To Solve Puzzles When The 7 Chaos Emeralds And The 8 Super Emeralds Circle Around Both Jonathan The Hedgehog And Shade The Echidna Respectively As A Result Super Jonathan The Hedgehog And Hyper Shade The Echidna Were Born Shade Was Flashing Colors Repeatedly While Jonathan In His Super Form Was Yellow With Red Quills They Beat Eggman To A Pulp


Jonathan The Hedgehog: The Legend Is Born

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