Shade the echidna by minalightning-d4xygl6

Shade The Echidna As She Appears Shade Has Long Downward Orange Black Outlined Light Tan Quills Shade Has Black Eyelashes Shade Has Light Pale Tan Eyelids Shade Wore White Lenses With Light Purple Eyes With Black Irises Shade Has An Light Pale Tan Muzzle With Black Nose And MouthShade Wore An Black And Pink Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs Sticking Out Of The Tubetop And Her Wide Hourglass Shaped Orange And Light Pale Tan Black Outlined Stomach With An Black Belly Button Shade Wore An Silver And Pink Belt Shade Wore Black And Pink Leather Pants Showing Her Long Black Outlined Orange Tail And Juicy Firm Ass  Shade Wore Black Taped Gloves Shade Wore Silver And Pink Wristbands On Her Arms Shade Wore An Silver Neck Brace On Her Neck Shade Wore Silver Elbow Bands On Her Orange Arms Shade Wore Black Boot Shade Wore An Black Hairband Helmet With An Light Pale Purple Logo Shade Has Long Orange Black Outlined Arms

Early Adventures

Shade The Echidna Was Venturing Through Echidnapolis Alongside Her Female Echidna Sisters Jessica, Jennifer, Maya, Faith, Maggie, Lisa, Michelle, Megan, Morgan, Kaitlyn, Cassie, Cassandra And Katie The Echidna Along With Miranda, Marianna, Marie, Maria, Destiny, Amy, Ashley, Ashlee, Kirsten, Crystal, Veronica, Victoria, Laura, Melissa, Clarissa, Alyssa And Lauren The Echidna Along With Suki, Amber, Nikki, Nicole, Annabelle, Annabella, Anne, Annie, Nancy, Esther, Emerald And Esmeralda The Echidna Along With Tanya, Tasha, Leslie, Frenchie, Amber, Leigh, Gretchen, Susan, Susanne And Susanna The Echidna