This duel takes place in megasean3000's fanfic Xiaolin Showdown/Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover 2

Story up to that point

It was the Dark Magician Girl who interfered in the duel between Stephanie and Omi, because whether Omi won or lost, Chase would have killed them all. Omi despairs over Stephanie's betrayal, but the Dark Magician Girl explains that her dark side was released by Chase, so she is only brainwashed, along with Ken, Joseph and Andrea. She also explains that they can't just go back and try again at conquering Chase, because he now has created an impenetrable barrier around his fortress, that is powered by ten "Defence Spheres" that must be destroyed, however the bad thing is, it's guarded by one mage per sphere. So the gang set off to find the ten spheres, destroy them and conquer Chase. They find the first Mage in a Forest and Kaiba is eager to draw first blood.


  • The First Mage out of ten is destroyed

Duel Recap

Start at 4000 lps

Kaiba picks Kaiser Glider

Mage picks Rose Queen

Mage's Turn

  • Activates Forest Paradise, so whenever he summons a Plant-Type monster, he gains 1000 life points.
  • Summons Venus Flytrap (ATK: 1600) (Mage: 5000)
  • Sets a card

Kaiba's Turn

  • Summons Battle Ox (ATK: 1700)
  • Attacks Venus Flytrap
  • Mage reveals face-down Fertilizer, increasing Venus Flytrap's ATK by 700 (ATK: 2300)
  • The attack is reflected (Kaiba: 3400)
  • Sets three cards
  • The attack of Venus Flytrap returns to normal (ATK: 1600)

Mage's Turn

  • Summons Wild Seed (ATK: 600) (Mage: 6000)
  • Attacks directly
  • Kaiba activates Ring of Destruction and Ring of Defence, destroying Venus Flytrap and causing Mage 1600 points of damage (Mage: 4400)
  • Attacks Kaiba directly (Kaiba: 2800)
  • Sets a card

Kaiba's turn

  • Summons Spear Dragon (ATK: 1900)
  • Since Kaiser Glider's effect increases all Dragon-Type monsters by 500 ATK points, Spear Dragon gets the increase (ATK: 2400)
  • Attacks Wild Seed (Mage: 2600)
  • Activates the Deck Master ability, when Kaiba destroys one of his monsters,which is fewer than 3000 ATK points, it's destroyed

Mage's turn

  • Activates the Seal of Orichalcos
  • Summons Darkness Vines (ATK: 1900) > (ATK: 2400) (Mage: 3600)
  • Attacks Kaiba directly (Kaiba: 400)

Kaiba's Turn

  • Activates White Dragon Ritual, discarding Slate Warrior to summon Paladin of White Dragon (ATK: 1900)
  • Activates Monster Reborn, to bring back the fallen Slate Warrior (ATK: 1900)
  • Sacrifices both of them to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon (ATK: 3000)
  • Kaiser Glider increases blue-Eyes White Dragon's ATK by 500 (ATK: 3500)
  • Attacks Darkness Vines (Mage: 2500) And since Blue-Eyes is higher than 3000 ATK points, it's not affected by the Deck MAster ability
  • Activates Tribe's Loyalty to Heroes, if Kaiba has a monster higher than 3200 ATK points, he can remove all the cards in his hand, Deck and graveyard to attack once more
  • Attacks direcrly (Mage: 0)

Kaiba wins.

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