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Sandra The Hedgehog As She Appears In The Westside Island Freedom Fighters (Movie) Sandra Is Golden With Dark Brown Quills She Has 6 Backwards Spikes She Wears An Light Green Tanktop Which Showed Her Golden Stomach Black/Green Leather Pants And White/Black Shoes With Green Line On It She Has Dark Brown Eyes Fun Fact: She Is Jonathan's Fan Character He Owns The Rights To Her Interestingly Enough He Owns The Rights To Kokoro, Bethany, Sugar, Andrea The Hedgehog And Destiny The Monkey

Sandra's Backstory And Info

Sandra Resided In Mobius For Some Time Until She Left For Westside Island After Mobius Was Conquered By Robotnik Once Again When She Got There Bethany The Hedgehog (Sister Of Kokoro The Hedgehog) Was The First To Greet Her And Brought Her Into The Group

Foiling Robotnik's Plans

They Then Were Confronted By A Bunch Of Brainwashed Mobians Under Robotnik's Control They Successfully Liberated Them From His Control And Take Out Robotnik

Powers And Abilities

Sandra Has Different Abilities Which She Finds Useful In Situations When They Are Needed Her Abilities Are As Follows

Chaos Control-Sandra Can Do Chaos Control Much Like Jonathan Himself

Chaos Spear-Sandra Shoots Spears From Her Hands Her Basic Ability

Chaos Blast-Sandra Can Turn Completely Red And Destroy Objects

Chaos Overdrive-Arguably One Of Her Most Powerful Manuevers Yet She Absorbs All Of The Chaos Emerald's Power And Creates An Large Explosion Which Generally Destroys Enemies On Screen

Super Speed-Sandra Is Very Fast On Her Shoes Making Her The Fastest Female Character Around

Super Strength-Sandra Can Lift Things Up And Toss Them Also She Can Bash Through Hidden Passageways And Routes Walls With Her Iron Knuckles

Intelligence-Sandra's IQ Is 900 Which Makes Her Smarter Than Robotnik She Knows What To Do In Situations


Sandra The Hedgehog-Sandra's Normal Form

Golden Sandra The Hedgehog-Much More Powerful Form Of Sandra's

Appearances In Movies

The Westside Island Freedom Fighters

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