Gift before the storm by xavierthehedgehog66-d529p3j

Samantha And Thenia Kalianey Are Related To Each Other

Thenia Kalianey-She Is Dark Brown Furred With Long Black Hair Grey Eyes With Black Irises She Wore An Dark Blue T-Shirt Which Showed Her Dark Belly She Wore Dark Grey Jeans With Her Dark Brown Tail Sticking Out She Wore Black/White Gloves And Black Shoes She Is Soft Spoken And Loves To Get Her Points And Ideas Across By Using Her Map Which Tells Them How Far They Were She Has The Wall Jump Ability

Samantha Kaliney-Everyone's Favorite Friendly Hedgehog Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills In A Ponytail Long Hair Wore An Light Tan Sleeveless Shirt Which Showed Her Stomach She Wore Light Tan/Red Pants And Wears Red Wristbands And Turbo Skates Samantha Often Points Out That Her Sidekick Thenia Kaliney Was Short Thenia Wished She Was Tall She Grew Up To Samantha's Size Some Of Samantha's Abilities Are Strength Based

Tackling An Big Problem

When Samantha And Thenia Were Teleported To Mobius In The Future Of 2030 They Had Witnessed An Accident

Saving The Female Ultimate Lifeform Hedgehogs

They Saved Them From The Clutches Of Eggman Once Again

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