At Tabitha's house, the young girl was getting ready to begin practicing her piano skills. But before that, she sat down on the bench, hugging her pet chihuahua. A voice then interrupted her. "Oh, Tabby," Tabitha's mother called in a sing-song voice, "I do not hear any practicing!"

Tabitha then giggled. "Okay, Mom." She called to the other room. She then looked at chihuahua. "I gotta practice now, boy."

She then placed her chihuahua on top of the piano. Tabitha began playing.

Suddenly, a doorbell rang. Tabitha stopped playing. She stood up from behind the piano and went to the front door. Tabitha opened the door and saw her boyfriend Sam there. Tabitha smiled.

"Hi, Sam!" Tabitha said cheerfully.

"Hi, Tabitha!" Sam said.

Sam then came into the house.

Later, as Tabitha was playing the piano, Sam said "I want to tell you something!" Tabitha said. "What is that, Sam?" Sam said "I love you, Tabitha!" Tabitha then smiled and said "I love you too, Sam!"

Sam went over to Tabitha, who was playing her piano, and kissed her. Tabitha smiled. She was very happy. Sam was also very happy.

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