The A-Squad was the Space Patrol Delta Academy's elite Ranger team, the defenders of Earth. During their early appearances in the series, they only appear morphed and are sent out to face the newest threat to the planet's safety. However, the A-Squad were already corrupt; Bridge sensed "something off" with their aura in the first episode, but didn't have the chance to find out what. In the episode "Confronted", the A-Squad is sent to the Helix Nebula to defend it from Emperor Gruumm; this was a trap, and contact is lost with them in "Walls" after it was made clear they were being overwhelmed. They were considered "missing in action". (In this episode, A-Squad Red's voice was distorted in editing to sound male instead of female).

Unknown to the Rangers, the A-Squad had survived and had defected to Gruumm's side, wanting to be on "the winning team" (as stated in "Endings"). They bide their time, destroying the SPD Gamma 4 base for unknown reasons (confirmed at conventions and in interviews by the show's producers), before finally faking a crash-land on Gamma-Orion and sending an SOS to have the B-Squad 'find' them alive. The B-Squad Rangers soon became frustrated when Cruger abruptly dismissed them to debrief the A-Squad and they realized that they were once again "the reserves, zord cleanup detail," as Jack Landors put it. (Ironically, Jack was never the "reserves", as he put it, since he joined SPD at almost the same time the A-Squad disappeared.) After a year of being Earth's main line of defense, they were pushed aside.

However, at the end of "Resurrection", the A-Squad revealed their true allegiance and kidnapped Commander Cruger. Following this treachery, the B-Squad battled with the A-Squad. Despite the A-Squad initially having the upper hand, B-Squad managed to overcome them with a combination of smarter battle tactics and S.W.A.T. Mode. Escalating the battle, the A-Squad upped the ante by unleashing their own Megazord, which transforms from Broodwing's drill vehicle. A battle ensued, but when the Delta Command Base has been overtaken by Broodwing's forces and transformed into the Delta Command Megazord to destroy the city, the Omegamax Megazord was disabled and the Delta Squad Megazord was destroyed. The next morning, the S.W.A.T. Megazord intervened the Delta Command Megazord's impending destruction, which resulted in victory as the S.W.A.T. Megazord easily destroyed the A-Squad Megazord finally defeating them.

The A-Squad was found guilty of treason and contained by the B-Squad with their Delta Morphers without a further fight. As a consequence of this action, and at the request of B-Squad, the A-Squad "ranking" was retired.

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