SM64 Bloopers: is a fanfiction written by ObjectDestroyer101. SM64 Bloopers are made by a famous machinimist named SuperMarioGlitchy4 (or SMG4 for short).


A kart tournament has been announced and the winner gets a prize and everyone wants it.


*Cues March Ahead*

It was a normal retarded day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario was eating spaghetti, SMG4 is making videos, Luigi was dancing, Bowser was kidnapping Peach, Toad was reading JB magazines. Nothing could ruin it.

Mario: Ah, nothing beats a great day with nothing but my spaghetti and television. Hm...I wonder what's on.

Mario then grabs the TV remote and switches from channel to channel from the likes of Teen Titans Go, a scene from Ssedmodnar, a scene from Hotel Mario and finally at the news.


News Guy #1: And that is why the chicken crossed the road.

News Guy #2: In other news, there has been a Mario Kart Grand Prix announced. Many courses will be testing your driving skills and the top three winners will get a prize.

Mario: A prize? Hey SMG4!

*Enter SMG4*

SMG4: Mario for the 20th time, I'm not buying you spaghetti! >:C

Mario: No, look at the TV.

SMG4: Hm?

News Guy #1: This race is gonna be intense and anyone will participate!

SMG4: Mario, remember the last time we had a race?

Flashbacks of SMG4's video: Stupid Mario Kart appears

Mario: Pingas.

SMG4: What make you think that I'll join you in another misadventure?

News Guy #1: For the grand prize is this gold trophy...and this free spaghetti coupon that allows you to have infinite spaghetti.


SMG4: Mario, I'm not entering that race and neither are you!

News Guy #2: And second place prize is ONE MILLION DOLLARS!


Soon, everyone got the message and got ready for the race.

Mario: Imma' gonna win this. I got plenty of driving experience BIATCH!

Luigi: Mario, I think that expired two years ago.

Mario: What?

Mario looks at the back to find out that it has indeed, expired

Mario: Meh, I guess that counts

Meanwhile with SMG4

FM: So what are you gonna spend the million dollars on?

SMG4: Maybe a new computer?

X: Well you better watch your back. I heard SMG3 entered the race.

SMG4: What? That's bullcrap. He can't be here...right?

???: Hey! It's that gay fag!

SMG4: Who said that?

???: ME!

*Cues Zurg Theme*

SMG4 turned around to find a face he didn't want to see. He looked like him, but has black overalls instead of white. This man...was SMG3.


SMG3: Yes! It is I, The great and powerful SuperMarioGlitchy3!

Bowser: More like the dumbest and weak SuperMarioGlitchy3

SMG3: Shut up Bowser!

FM: What are you doing here?

SMG3: I'm here for my revenge!

SMG4: Maybe you shouldn't be evil!

X: Yeah. We've beaten you many times.

SMG3: But this is different!

FM: Hey look! There showing the first track!

Announcer: And now for the first track of the day! Today, we will be racing on...Mario Circuit!

Mario: Yipee! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Luigi: Well, It can't get any worse right?

Announcer: From the Gamecube!

Toad: FU-

*Cues Course Intro*

Mario: Haha! Imma gonna win! And best of all, it's-a my course!

SMG4: Mario, you couldn't even finish full lap in Baby Park.

Mario: It was the hardest course!

Luigi: All you did was hump the controller.

Mario: Shut yo bitch-ass up!

Lakitu: Alright buttholes, let's get this over with. 3...

Wario picks his nose

Lakitu: 2...

SMG4 and SMG3 make death signs at each other

Lakitu: 1...

Mario eats spaghetti

Lakitu: GO!

And then all 12 racers drove pass the starting line meaning that the race had begun.

Mario: See ya later biatch!

Fishy Boopkins: Yay, I'm driving!

Then everyone drove past the item boxes and SMG3, SMG4, and Mario got items

SMG3: Hey SMG4! I got a present! *Throws a Bob-Omb*

SMG4: Oh f**k! *Steers to the left, dodging it* Oh hell no! *Throws a green shell*

SMG3: AH! *Dodges it* Haha! *Gets hit by another* OW!

SMG4: Haha! I had three shells!

SMG4's celebration ended quickly when Mario crashed into him while using a Golden Mushroom

Mario: Imma' gonna get that coupon!

Bowser: I need to win. If I do, Peach will love me!

Peach: Ah hell naw!

Peach rams through an item box and gets a Mushroom and then boosts away

Bowser: NO! Don't leave me!

Wario goes through an item box and gets a leaf with eyes

Wario: what the hell is this? *Uses it and his kart grows a tail*

Wario: Hahaha! Can't touch this!

Bob: Take this! *Throws a green shell*

Wario: Get out of here! *Knocks it back with the tail*

Bob: What? *Gets hit* Ow! My ovaries!

Soon everyone had reached to the end of the course and got items

Toad: *Gets a Bullet Bill* NOW YOU F**KED UP!

Luigi: Please don't-a-hurt me!

Toad: I'm not gonna kill you, I'm gonna kick your ass!

Toad summons the Bullet Bill and rides on it while singing Boom B***h

Luigi: AAAHH!


Daisy: NOOOO-


Fishy Boopkins: Do you want to be my friend?


Lap 2

Mario: Haha! You all suck balls!

SMG4: Uh Mario?

Mario: Hm?

SMG4: You're gonna crash into Lakitu.

Mario: That's the point. LAKITU, GET OVER HERE!

Lakitu: No, Mario you're gonna break the-

Before the cloud guy could finish his sentence, Mario rammed into the camera, breaking it.


Final Lap

SMG4: Yes! The race is mine!

But soon, Bob pops out of nowhere

Bob: Hello SupahMerioGoofy4, can I be in your video?

SMG4: AAAAHHHHH! *Crashes into a pond*

Bob: Oopsie daisies. My bad. But hey, I'm gonna finish first.

Suddenly, Bob see's a blue winged object flying towards him. It was the dreaded Blue Shell.

Bob: Hello there . Will you be by frie-


Bob's kart was wrecked and in pieces.

Bob: Ow, my ovaries.

Luigi: Oh yeah! It's-a-Luigi Time!

Announcer: And the winner is Luigi!

Luigi: Oh yeah! Go weegee! Go weegee!

Bob: What? That's bull crap! Who did this?

3 minutes earlier

Fishy Boopkins: Oh, shiny! I wonder what it does. *Throws it*

Announcer: Here are the results.

1st Luigi 15
2nd Mario 13
3rd Fishy Boopkins 12
4th Bowser 10
5th Toad 8
6th SMG4 6
7th SMG3 5
8th Wario 4
9th Waluigi 3
10th Peach 2
11th Daisy 1
12th Bob 0

Bob: .....Son of a bi-



  • Mario
  • SMG4
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Bowser
  • Toad
  • SMG3
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Fishy Boopkins
  • Bob

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