Rosy The Rascal as she appears in The Jonathan The Hedgehog (Archie Comics).

There are two versions of Rosy The Rascal Rosy

Her first wearing Amy's classic outfit with Amy's old hairstyle and her Okip Okip Hammer. Her second, she now wears a black tube top which bears her midriff, black jeans, black sneakers and has long pink hair. Rosy's second form appears most frequently.

Present Timeline (Unaltered)

In the present timeline. Rosy is precisely 8 years old. She was mentally and physically unstable and stalked Scourge constantly to get his attention inside Anti-Castle Acorn.

Future Timeline (Altered)

In the distant future, Rosy is now 18 tears old, was Jonathan's daughter and along with Amy Rose, Rosy had feelings for Jonathan. Also in the future, Rosy's siblings (Rose, Rosette and Rosalina the Rascal) appear as 14, 15 and 16 year old each when Jonathan was kidnapped however it was up to Amy Rose and the Rascal Sisters to save Jonathan.

Along the way, they met Lauren The Rascal and Jessica Rose and Miranda The Rascal, who then tagged along as Jonathan's daughters. When they got there, they saw Jonathan The Hedgehog's lifeless dead body and Rosy was mad... very mad.


Rosy, now 18 years old wearing her black tubetop (which showed her pink stomach), black jeans, black sneakers, sporting extremely long pink hair and wore white gloves on her hands and was 6"9, is working with her fellow sisters in arms (Amy Rose, Rose The Rascal, Rosette The Rascal, Rosalina The Rascal, Lauren The Rascal, Jessica Rose and Miranda The Rascal). As they travel into the present gathering information about the murder of Jonathan The Hedgehog. Rosy now has new powers and abilities which can help her out in the long run.

Comic Book Appearances

Sonic The Hedgehog: Mobius 25 Years Later (1993-Present) (Known As Sonic Universe)


A similar character to her will appear in a new Sonic project fanfic by Manta-bee.

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