Jonathan Washington/Amanda The Hedgehog-She Is An Great Leader And Can Lead Her Group Very Well

Echo The Hedgehog-She Is TheAmyRoseFan1's Fan Character She Is Red Furred With Blue Eyes And Black Irises She Wears And Purple Tanktop Which Shows Her Red Stomach Blue Jeans And Black Sandals Her Red Hair Is Longer TheAmyRoseFan1 Also Owns Patricia, Tamara, Cindy And Kylie Prower (Fancharacters)

Desiree The Hedgehog-She Is Jonathan's Fancharacter

Danica The Hedgehog-She Is Jonathan's Fancharacter As Well

Ashley The Hedgehog-She Is Jonathan's Fancharacter

Maddie The Hedgehog-She Is Jonathan's Fancharacter Maddie Thanked Jonathan For Creating Her

Patricia Prower-She Is TheAmyRoseFan1's Fancharacter

Becky The Hedgehog-She Is Owned By Jonathan She Is His Fancharacter

Tamara Prower-She Is TheAmyRoseFan1's Fancharacter

Cindy Prower-She Is TheAmyRoseFan1's Fancharacter

Kylie Prower-She Is TheAmyRoseFan1's Fancharacter

Bethany The Hedgehog-She Is Jonathan's Fancharacter

Lixes The Hedgehog-She Is Jonathan's Fancharacter

Scene 1: The Meeting Between The Two

  • In Jonathan's House*

Jonathan: Take This *Presses A + B On The GameCube Controller* And Performs The Tombstone Piledriver With Undertaker On WWE Day Of Reckoning Hell Yeah *Throws The Controller Down And Dances*

Desiree The Hedgehog: *Smiles* You're Too Funny *Laughs* I'm Cracking Up Hahahahahaha Oh My God This Is Too Funny

Danica The Hedgehog: LOL!!!! He's Dancing Hahahahaha Wow And I Thought He Was A Weirdo

  • Doorbell Rings*

Jonathan: Hold On I'm Coming *Answers* Who Are You?

Echo The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I'm Echo!!!! Can I Stay With You

Jonathan: Sure!!!!

Echo The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Yay!!!!!! *Walks In*

  • Other Fancharacters Walk In*

Becky The Hedgehog: Wow!!! *Smiles* You Have An Nice Mansion Here

Cindy Prower: We'd Like To Stay With You

Lixes The Hedgehog: We Female Hedgehogs Are Your Fancharacters

Jonathan: Agreed

Echo The Hedgehog: Together We're Great As An Team

  • An Bomb Drops*

Lixes The Hedgehog: MOVE!!!!

  • They Get Out Of The Way*
  • BOOM*

Patricia Prower: Did We Not Notice This?

Jonathan: *Clinches Fists*

Patricia Prower: Oh Dear

Ashley The Hedgehog: We Must Stop This And I Don't Think It's Nazo It's Eggman

Jonathan: Changing Time *Rushes Into The Changing Room*

  • Poof*

Amanda The Hedgehog: Now Our Fellow Hedgehogs And Foxes We Will Rise Against Eggman

Bethany The Hedgehog: Right Now Let's Kick Some Ass!!!!

  • The Hedgehogs Skate Out And The Foxes Follow Them*

Danica The Hedgehog: We're The Union

Lixes The Hedgehog: We're Ready But Where's Eggman's Base

Amanda The Hedgehog: Well Let's Just Say It's In The Death Egg

Maddie The Hedgehog: Err Why Does Eggman Need The Death Egg That's My Question

Amanda The Hedgehog: Well Because That's Where He Keeps His Death Egg

Becky The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Not Unless We Destroy It

  • The Hedgehogs Look Up In The Sky*

Lixes The Hedgehog: Now How In The Hell Are We Supposed To Get To The Death Egg

Amanda The Hedgehog: We Could Chaos Control Onto It

Cindy Prower: That Works We Could Fly Our Tornado X8 Over To It

  • In The Death Egg*

Amanda The Hedgehog: Okay We're In Where Is Fatass? Aha!!!!! *Rushes Over*

  • She Kicks Eggman Out Of His Own Death Egg*

Tamara Prower: *Flying Tails's Tornado Bi-Plane* Good Thing I'm Piloting The Plane

Cindy Prower: Agreed

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