Malina sighs as the alarm goes off she quickly change her purple t-shirt which was over a white long sleeve shirt blue jeans and black&white converse shoes into her blue long sleeve shirt with a red X on the front and a p on the back of her shirt blue denim shorts black leggings and black boots she put on her black fingerless gloves her black mask that shows her dark eyes and her blue helmet with a red cat symbol on it she grabbed her surf disk her auburn/orange fur was blowing in the wind she got a call from commander Jennifer what's the problem commander Jen she asked Aiden Mitchell has break out of prison again she said in annoyance you have got to be kidding me right now she said I beat his tail three times and still he doesn't give up she said in irritation yes but we need you Mal to stop him at any risk
Okay she said she sped up and found Aiden stealing money from a bankruptcy he is so easy to catch Mal said hey buddy miss me? She said smirking huh x phantom how did you find me aiden demand dude you were running out of the bank and stole some money she said well you shouldn't have or...He stopped shortly trying to think something to say back to her awe forget it he said you can take me back to jail she looks surprised what no I will have my revenge? She asked nope take me in okay she said she put him back in jail and return the money to the bank well that was easy she said going back home and watch tv after she was done changing her clothes well no one is going to ruin my weekend she said as she watched a tv show called

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