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Roger James was the deputy press secretary under Governor Jonathan Mitchell during Day 1.

Before Day 1

When Janice Kyle couldn't come up with a speech denouncing David Palmer, Roger wrote one. Janice knew that if she didn't write a better one, Roger would take her position.

Day 1

Roger and his wife Melinda were woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of breaking glass in their home. They went to investigate and Melinda was taken hostage by the hitman Phillip. He ordered Roger to gall the governor's office and retract his speech. Roger complied, refusing to give Simon Fitzpatrick any reason. Phillip left, promising to keep an eye out to ensure that Roger does not go back on his word.

Not satisfied with a lack of answer, Simon decided to go the Roger's house himself and snuck in through the window when Roger did not answer the door. Roger attacked him until he realized who it was. Simon could tell that Roger was lying when he said he withdrew his speech because he felt that he was overstepping his boundaries. Simon threatened an investigation if he did not return to the governor's office with him.

Roger and Simon returned to the governor's mansion and immediately met with Jonathan Mitchell in his office. Mitchell was surprised to hear about Roger's speech withdrawal and also did not believe Roger's excuse. Not wanting to be belittled, Roger decided to leave and go home, but when he bumped into a page and told him to give Janice Kyle the go ahead to use her speech, the page told him that she was already printing hers out.

Roger decided to speak with Simon again and told him everything, including his suspicion that the hitman was sent by Janice. Simon radios for agent Pratt to arrest Janice, but she manages to escape, taking his gun with her.


Day 1

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