Rocky is like the class clown of the Rangers. Good natured, spirited, and likes to have fun. He may be low on the IQ points, but Rocky's martial arts prowess and stubbornness make him an excellent fighter and asset to the team. He first met the Rangers on a trip to Angel Grove to compete in the Ninja Competition, and helped them save a baby in danger. Proving himself worthy by assisting the Rangers several times, Rocky was given the power of the Red Ranger by the departing Jason. Jason used the Sword of Light to transfer his powers to Rocky. Red Ranger's power weapon is the Power Sword, a powerful weapon with a razor sharp edge. His weapon combined with the others to form the Power Blaster. As Red Ranger, Rocky gained enhanced strength, speed, durability, and limited energy projection. When Tommy the White Ranger finally retired as the leader of the Power Rangers, Zordon made Rocky the new leader of the Power Rangers! Rocky was very happy to be the leader of the Power Rangers! He chose his friend, Adam the Black Ranger, to be his second-in-command! Adam was very honored to become Rocky's second-in-command! As the leader of the Power Rangers, Rocky led the Power Rangers to many victories against Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa!

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