Rock the House
Season 1, Episode 9
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"That's the Way the Canyon Crumbles"
"The Big Heist"
Rock the House is the ninth episode of the Sonic Underground Mini Show. In this episode, the gang pitches an idea for the theater to perform a rock opera, which gets interfered in by Sleet and Dingo.


The Sonic Underground and their friends gather at a theatre to prepare for the performance of a rock opera. The music is performed by the Sonic Underground, Renee is painting backgrounds, Knuckles pulls the curtains, and the rest perform in the play. Some things don't go as planned, and Sleet and Dingo interfere. Sonia runs off the stage after she finds out she bit into a fruit she has an allergic reaction to. When Knuckles tries to help her with the antidote, Renee comes in and tells her that it wasn't the fruit Sonia described. Sonia is glad to hear that, but Knuckles accidentally gets injected with the antidote. After Sleet and Dingo show up and almost ruin the play, they are foiled by the Sonic Underground once more, who make a big finish.


  • Man: "Hit the projecter!"

[the scene cuts to Knuckles, who is asleep in his chair. He wakes up then starts the projection movie]

  • Renee: "Ok, I've painted the background."

Sonic: "What the heck is this? It was supposed to be a summer scene, but you painted snow! What are we supposed to do with a winter background when this play is set in summer?"
Renee: "I think we can work around this."

Elmo: By the way, Sonia. You need to work more on your coreography.
Sonia: The stupid lights were in my eyes, Elmo!

[Renee has slipped on a banana peel]
Manic:[walking by] Hey, Renee.
Renee: [cheerfully and still lying on the floor] Hey!

  • Manic: [singing as Allegra is frozen onstage] Aaaah... [whispers] Sonic... [sings] Aaaaah... [whispers] Sonic...


  • In this episode, we learn that Sonia is allergic to a certain fruit. A rasberry and lemon hybrid. She may have the allergic reaction due to certain chemicals in said fruits mixing together, but it's possible she's not allergic to them seperatley.
  • Allegra is sucseptible to stage fright.


Rock the House (transcript)

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