Rock Rangers are a pack of alimons who guard the Great Valley from outside predators. Before Out of the Shadows, the pack is ruled by the just Stone and his mate Tree-Star. During Out of the Shadows and after, the pack is ruled by the second son of Stone, Siria, who has changed his name to Dynamo after a close friend, Gris, betrayed him.

The pack is run under a set of rules laid down by their ancestors, who were given to them by the first alimon Shakti. No member is allowed inside the valley without the authority from their leaders first. The pack's main duty is to keep the valley carnivore-free by attacking, killing, and eating any sharptooth that enters. The only exception is if a dracovol enters. If a dracovol, the alimons are more willing to speak to them, and any friends that dracovol may have, even sharpteeth of a different species.

The Rock Rangers are kind alimons who only kill to protect the valley and themselves as well as eat. They have no desire of consuming plant-eater flesh and are quite content with their life. They are in almost constant struggle with the rival pack, the Darkarians, who are determined to shatter their sacred way of life.