Robyn Starling was told by her father, Prince Adam, that she had to come with him, her brother Young Bagheera, and her pet Pumbaa to the Power Rangers Zord exhibition at the Franklin Institute, Robyn said "Why do I have to go, Daddy?" Prince Adam said "Because there's no one to watch you!" Robyn said "But, Daddy, I don't want to go!" Prince Adam said "You have to go, Robyn!" Robyn became very angry. She punched Prince Adam, knocking him down. Robyn and Prince Adam were engaged in a furious battle. When the battle ended, Prince Adam was injured. Prince Adam got very angry at Robyn. Robyn got in big trouble by her father. Robyn got punished. She wasn't allowed to go to the carnival with her friends. Robyn became very angry. She glared at Prince Adam and told him, "You're as evil as Aunt Figg!" She then went to her room in tears.

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