Archie Comics

Main Characters

Roboticized Amy Rose-Designed To Protect Jonathan The Hedgehog, Jessica And Talitha Prower She Has An Much Sexier Body She Wears An Black Tubetop Showing Her Robotic Pink Stomach And Boobs Black Jeans And Black High Heels Her Hair Is In A Ponytail With An Black Hairband Holding It She Is Jonathan's 3rd Sidekick Her Abilities Are Much Powerful Than Any Normal Being Amy Was Roboticized To Make Herself Powerful To Protect Them She Is His Girlfriend She Originally Worked For Eggman Until She Defied His Orders And Attacked Him She Would Later Go On The Run For Years Until She Finally Settled In With Talitha Prower Where She Would Become Her Partner In Making Inventions She Also Has Her Own Comics Which Were Published In 1993 By Archie Explaining Her Origins She Also Is Very Intelligent With An 900 IQ Which Makes Her Smarter Than Eggman

Jessica Prower-She Is Talitha's Best Friend And Jonathan's 2nd Sister She Appears More Often In The Comics She Looks Like Talitha Herself

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Priscilla-Ca The Echidna-The Ultimate Lifeform Returns But Now With His New Sidekick Talitha Prower Alongside Him For Adventures Together She Wears An Green Tubetop Which Showed Her Aqua Blue Stomach And Boobs Dark Brown Shorts And Green Sandals Priscilla-Ca Is One Of Jonathan The Hedgehog's Allies He Meets Throughout The Series She Is Voiced By Dawn Wilson

Talitha Prower- Her Voice Is Talitha's Her Hairstyle Is An Ponytail With An Dark Blue Hairband Holding It Her Front Hair Is Downward Talitha Wears An Red T-Shirt Which Shows Her Orange Stomach She Wears An Brown/Silver Belt Blue Shorts And Black Sandals Black Eyelashes Light Grey Eyes With Black Irises An Fox Like Muzzle Nose And Smile That Is Unmatched She Has Two Fox Tails Which She Uses To Fly She Is Also An Great Inventor And Pilot

Lisa Simpson-Lisa Had Long Hair Which Was Held By Her Necklace She Worn An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach Black Leather Jeans And Wore Black Shoes, She Had Tattoos On Both Of Her Arms Lisa Is Known To Be Flirtatious With Maggie And Her Daughters

Maggie Simpson-Maggie Wore An Jacket Which Showed Her T-Shirt, Black Jeans And Black Shoes And She Had Longer Hair Than Usual

Lisa Simpson Jr-She Wore The Same Clothing As Lisa

Maggie Simpson Jr-She Wore The Same Clothing As Maggie

Amanda Simpson-She Wore The Same Clothes As Lisa And Has Her Appearance And Voice

Becky Simpson-She Also Wore The Same Clothes As Lisa And Has Her Appearance And Voice

Marianna Simpson-She Wore The Same Clothes As Lisa And Has Her Appearance And Voice

Roboticized Mina Mongoose-She Is Referred To As Robian Mina Mongoose What's Different About Robian Mina? Well For Starters Robian Mina Still Has Her Super Speed Now Robian Mina Has Super Strength, Agility And Super Reflexes Allowing Her To Move Out Of The Way Fast Enough

Nicole The Hedgehog-Her Outfit Consists Of An Yellow And Orange Tubetop Which Show Her Humongous Boobs And Her Green Stomach Black Skirt And Green/Black High Heels She Has Long Black Eyelashes She Has Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises She Wears An Black Jacket With Yellow Flames On It  She Has Long Green Hair With Front Green Spikes She Is Jonathan's Lover And 2nd Girlfriend

Sarah Michelle Gellar As Axel The Hedgehog-Axel As She Appears Is Jonathan's 4th Girlfriend She Is Dark Green Furred She Wore An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Dark Green Stomach, Black Leather Jeans, Black Shoes And She Wore White Gloves And Had Long Dark Green Hair Which Was Wavy She Is Better Suited For Using Her Brute Strength Axel Is Very Funny And Has Her Funny Moments

Rose Adams As Amy Rose-Amy Discovers That Jonathan Was Hiding Underground From Eggman And So She Hides In There With Him She Wore Her Pink Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Pink Stomach, Black Leather Pants, Black Shoes And Wore White Gloves She Is Affiliated With Team Jonathan The Hedgehog She Is Jonathan's First Girlfriend Fun Fact: This Version Of Amy Presents Herself In Commercials Promoting Her Newest Series The Hedgehog Adventures (2014 Animated Series) Which Sees The Return Of Jonathan The Hedgehog She Had Long Pink Hair Which Her Black Hairband Held It In Place She Had Green Eyes

Terri Runnels As Tori The Hedgehog-Tori Is Jonathan's Seventh Girlfriend And The Most Sexiest Alive

Grey DeLisle As Neo Metal Amy Rose/Super Neo Metal Amy Rose-Jonathan's Creation She Is Heavily Involved In Many Of Jonathan's Plans She Wore An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Metallic Pink Stomach, Black Leather Pants, Black Shoes And Wore White Gloves She Has Extremely Long Pink Spikes, Quills And Hair She Had Turbo Jet Skates

Maryse Ouellet As Rose The Hedgehog/Maryse The Hedgehog-Rose Is An Friendly French-Canadian Female Hedgehog Who Wears An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Light Brown Stomach, Black Leather Jeans, Black Shoes And Wore White Gloves She Had Long Light Brown Hair And Purple Eyes She Is Affiliated With Team Jonathan The Hedgehog Maryse The Hedgehog Can Do Anything That Jonathan Does Including Using Her Powers For Good Maryse Is Jonathan's Second Girlfriend And Rose Is Jonathan's Sixth Girlfriend This Is Maryse's Acting Debut As Maryse Had Pitched In Her Voice For Both Herself And Rose The Hedgehog

AJ Lee As AJ Lee The Hedgehog-AJ In These Series Is An Caring Female Hedgehog Who Will Help Everyone In Need She Has AJ's Voice And She Is Jonathan's 3rd Girlfriend She Is Very Great For Everything She Wore AJ's Clothes

Nattie "Natalya" Neidhart As Natalya The Hedgehog-Natalya Is Very Intelligent And Sexy She, Rose And Amy Rose Became Members Of Team Jonathan The Hedgehog

Nikki Bella As Nikki The Hedgehog-Nikki Is Affiliated With Team Jonathan The Hedgehog Nikki's Useful Skills Include Hacking Into Computers And Neat Abilities Which Are Useful She Is Jonathan's 5th Girlfriend

Angelina Jolie As Nicole The Hedgehog,(Christina The Hedgehog, Kathleen The Hedgehog, Lauren The Hedgehog, Michelle The Hedgehog And Alexa The Hedgehog, Luna The Hedgehog, Maggie The Hedgehog And Lisa The Hedgehog) Fun Fact: Maggie And Lisa The Hedgehog Strongly Resemble Teenager Lisa And Maggie Simpson Greatly And Has Their Looks, Clothing, Appearance And Voice, Nicole The Hedgehog Jr, Older Nicole The Hedgehog/Older Nicole The Hedgehog Jr

All Sonic Characters/Villains Lien-Da The Echidna-She Wore An Dark Purple Sleeveless Shirt Showing Her Red Stomach And Boobs Wore Dark Purple Pants And Dark Purple Sandals She Had Light Red Hair And Red Ears With White Taping She Had Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises She Had An Red Tail

Other Characters (Female Echidnas)

Shade The Echidna

Mari-Su The Echidna

Misty-Re The Echidna

Kathleen-Su The Echidna

Janelle-Le The Echidna Michelle-Su The Echidna-She Also Wore An Dark Purple Sleeveless Shirt Showing Her Red Stomach And Boobs Wore Dark Purple Pants And Dark Purple Sandals She Had Light Red Hair And Red Ears With White Taping She Had Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises She Had An Red Tail

Jessica-Su The Echidna

Rachael-Su The Echidna

Lara-Su The Echidna

Nicole-Su The Echidna

Julie-Su The Echidna

Robian Amy Rose Origins Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Part 1: Working For Robotnik

  • In Green Hill Zone*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Speeding Through Green Hill Zone* Ah Green Hill Zone The Iconic Place Where Many Of My Adventures Took Place Including My First Fight With Robotnik

Neo Metal Amy Rose: *Smiles* I Was 16 At This Time And Finding My Place In Your Organization

Natalya The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Oh Yes This Place Brings Back Fond Memories

Axel The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I Remember This Place This Was From Sonic 1 (1991)

AJ Lee The Hedgehog: The Splendor Of Green Hill Zone I'm Surprised This Still Remains To This Day

Nikki The Hedgehog: I Know!!!! This Place Was Where Jonathan The Hedgehog Resided And Did His Daily Exercises

Amy Rose: *Smiles* I Love This Place!!!! I Always Wanted To Come Here

Rose The Hedgehog: Even Though I'm French-Canadian *Smiles* Holy Cow This Places Looks Like The Original

Maryse The Hedgehog: You Tell Me It's Been Like This Since 1991

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Comes To An Full Stop* Robotnik!!!!

  • On Top Of The Hill*

Dr. Robotnik: Hohohohoho Now With The 7 Chaos Emeralds I Can Finally Conquer Mobius For Myself And Destroy It With The Eclipse Cannon But First Robian Amy Rose Do Your Job!!!!

Robian Amy Rose: Right Away Sir!!!! *Charges Fullspeed Towards Jonathan*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Skates Towards Her*

  • BOOM*

Robian Amy Rose: Whooooooooaaaaaa!!!!! *Is Sent Flying Backwards*

  • She Hits The Ground*

Robian Amy Rose: Maybe Working For Robotnik Isn't A Good Idea Psst Jonathan We Need To Talk In Private

  • In The Private Room*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: What Is It?

Robian Amy Rose: *Smiles* Well Considering That I'm Trying To Join Your Organization Which Is Full Of Female Hedgehogs I Was Wondering If I Could Join Your Organization I'm An Great Fit As Co-Leader We Can Stop Robotnik With Our Forces Of Female Hedgehogs

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Sure!!!! We Needed Someone Like You In Our Organization You're Intelligent

Robian Amy Rose: *Smiles* Yay!!!! *Hugs Jonathan* Thanks For Picking Me I'll Do My Best To Help The Organization

  • Robotnik's Voice Is Heard*

Robian Amy Rose: Oh No!!!! What Should I Do?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Hmm Hold On They're Coming In Here

  • They Arrive*

Neo Metal Amy Rose: He's After Robian Amy Rose

Lien-Da The Echidna: *Smiles* I Cannot Help But Overhear That You Needed An Leader

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Of Course!!! You're Perfect!!!!

Lien-Da The Echidna: *Smiles And Blushes* Thanks!!!! I Will Lead Our Group Into Battle

Neo Metal Amy Rose: Now We Will Be Able To Function As An Team

  • Zap!!!!*

Lien-Da The Echidna: *Smiles* Oh My What Happened?

Priscilla-Ca The Echidna: *Looks Up And Down And Gasps* Oh God Did That Laser Turn Jonathan Into This??? Oh Boy!!!! *Smiles* We Should Be The Official Leaders Of The Organization

Lien-Da The Echidna: *Smiles* Yeah!!!!

AJ Lee The Hedgehog: Two Echidnas? I Like Where This Is Going

Lien-Da The Echidna: Let's Go!!!!

  • They March Outside*

Dr. Robotnik: *Gasps*

Lien-Da The Echidna: Okay Then Let's Attack!!!!

  • The Hedgehogs Attack Robotnik*

Shade The Echidna: I Found You

Janelle-Le The Echidna: Luckily We Had Our Plane We Used To Get Here

Lien-Da The Echidna: *Smiles* That's Convienent

Michelle-Su The Echidna: *Smiles* We're Your Ancestors

Lien-Da The Echidna: *Smiles* Wow I Didn't Know That

Nicole-Su The Echidna: Well We're Here But The Hedgehogs Might've Been Captured

Lien-Da The Echidna: Priscilla-Ca What Does The Map Say

Prisicilla-Ca The Echidna: It Says They Are Being Held In Robotnik's Fortress

Lien-Da The Echidna: Quick!!! Let's Get To The Fortress Fast!!!!

Nicole-Su The Echidna: Right

  • The Female Echidnas Rush Off*
  • They Reach The Fortress*

Lien-Da The Echidna: I Suspect That Robotnik Has Already Roboticized Them

Janelle-Le The Echidna: I Think So Too

  • They Enter The Fortress*

Lien-Da The Echidna: It's Creepy And Scary Too

Priscilla-Ca The Echidna: Nothing Scares Me I'm Brave

Part 2: The Female Echidnas Vs. Robian Female Hedgehogs

  • Inside The Fortress*

Lien-Da The Echidna: Ah I Wonder Why He Would Put This Here *Grabs The Technology Enhancements* Now We Can Be Upgraded To Become Powerful

Janelle-Le The Echidna: Right These Come In Handy

  • Hours Later*

Michelle-Su The Echidna: Wait I Heard Something

Shade The Echidna: I Did Too

Julie-Su The Echidna: They're Here

Lien-Da The Echidna: *Smiles* It's Time To Go Into Battle!!!!

  • The Echidnas Fight The Robian Female Hedgehogs*

Robian Amy Rose: Wait Why Are We Even Fighting To Begin With *Smiles* Besides Robotnik Started This

Robian AJ The Hedgehog: Oh So It Was Robotnik I've Should've Known That Bastard

Robian Natalya The Hedgehog: I Knew It He Turned Us Into Robians But If Only We Could Turn Us Back To Normal

Lien-Da The Echidna: I Know The Place But It's Gonna Be An Long Ride

Robian Amy Rose: You Mean We're Taking Your Carrier

Lien-Da The Echidna: Precisely

Robian Amy Rose: I Hope This Can Be Resolved Soon

Lien-Da The Echidna: Agreed How Worse Can It Get?

Robian Amy Rose Issue # 2 (1993-94)

Part 1: Retrieving The Chaos Emeralds

  • Outside*

Shade The Echidna: See Anything?

Lien-Da The Echidna: Nope

Axel The Hedgehog: I See The Chaos Emeralds

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