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Rivals To Rival Chronicles is a crossover fanfiction series written by cutelittledizzymae and posted it on her other fanfiction account RandomDizzymae. The series focuses on five characters from chartoons and video games: Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard The Tomboyish Duckling, Sora The Keyblade Wielder, Juniper "June" Lee The Te Xuan Ze, Jake Long The American Dragon, and Xandir A Gay Video Game Character, as they protect Toon Town, and possibly the world, from villains from other cartoons or video game series, as well as stopping the five other main villains (the DarkForce XIII, as of Dawns A New Trust (2)).

Main Hero Characters

Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard: A 9-year-old tomboyish duckling from the 1991's Disney Animated Series Darkwing Duck. Gosalyn's role for the team have been hinted that she might be the leader of the group, and mostly best friends with June and Xandir. In times of peril, Gosalyn use her arrows to counter attack at villains at times, a reference to her alter ego the Quiverwing Quack (that has yet to debute). Gosalyn, Drake Mallard (Darkwing Duck), and Launchpad moves into the city of Toon Town to start a new life, as well as getting along with it's civilians. At the end of Dawns A New Trust (2), Darkwing Duck mysteriously disappeared, and Gosalyn lives with LaunchPad in their new home. There may be hints that Darkwing is still alive and probably doing well as he leaves clues behind for Gosalyn and her team to follow, leading them to stop villains and their dastardly plot in the end. According to her character bio at deviantArt, it says that she will have a small crush on Alvin Seville in a future episode.

Sora: A 15-year-old from The Disney and Square-Enix video game series Kingdom Hearts. Sora is Second-in-Command of the team, and just a normal average human kid, who wields a magical Keyblade that not only attacks with Heartless or foes, but can also use spells (example: fire, thunder, ice, etc.). He first met Gosalyn at Toon Town Park when he saved her from the FOWL robots in Dawns A New Trust (1). It is said by the author that Sora lives with Riku and Kairi at a apartment somewhere in Toon Town (with them having seperate rooms) and he will still have a crush on Kairi. He is best friends with Jake ever since Jake told him and the others his secret.

Juniper "June" Lee: A 11-year-old girl from a 2005 Cartoon Network show The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. Since she was ten, June became a Te Xuan Ze, which gave her a responsibility to mantain the balance between worlds of human and magic. As such, she was magically enchanced that makes her far stronger and faster than ordinary humans. She first met Sora and Gosalyn when they were surrounded by black-red-like-ninjas and helped them out. She is best friends with Gosalyn and Xandir, and is the third member of the group.

Jacob Luke "Jake" Long: A 12-year-old boy from the 2005 Disney show American Dragon, Jake Long. Jake is secretly a dragon and uses his duty as one to help defend the magical creatures, and he's doing his best to become the first American Dragon. He first met Gosalyn, Sora, and June while helping them fighting the fire creatures, and it has been revealed in Dawns A New Trust (2) that the reason why he show the guys his secret of his true dragon form is that he thought he could trust them. He has a crush on June and his best friend is Sora.

Xandir P. Wifflebottom: A 19-year-old video game parody character from the canceled 2004 Comedy Central show Drawn Together. Xandir is a parody of Link from The Legend of Zelda and was once on Drawn Together, until three years later, the show got canceled. He first met Gosalyn, Sora, June, and Jake when they helped him out fighting the Nobodies. Gosalyn was going to say something about Xandir's orientation, but Sora cuts her off by saying that the author doesn't want the series to be a cursing or a sexuality type series. Since in the original series, since everyone knows Xandir's orientation, he is best friends with Gosalyn and June and acts like a brother or sister to Gos.

Main Villain Characters

Terra: A 15-year-old duckling the author made for Darkwing Duck. According to the author, she was killed by her father at age six and was brought back to life by FOWL (Fiendish Organization for World Larceny) at age fourteen. Terra was one of the "special agents", but will do anything to take over the organization from the inside. It is said that both she and Gosalyn are arch rivals and that they pull numerous pranks on each other. She is 2nd-in-command of Xemnas' group, and was treated as a daughter to Xemnas. The only two people Terra felt close in the group are Xemnas and Katz. She'll have an on-and-off again relationship with NOS-4-A2.

Xemnas: A Nobody from the Disney and Square-Enix video game series Kingdom Hearts. Xemnas is the Nobody of Xehanort, and is the leader of Organization XIII. In Kingdom Hearts II, he was planning on taking over Kingdom Hearts by using Sora to destroy the Heartless to feed Kingdom Hearts. At the end of the game, Xemnas was serve as the final boss and fought Riku and Sora, but was destroyed. It is unknown of how he was brought back and is now a leader of a group. Xemnas serves as a father to Terra.

Katz: Is a cat from the 1999 show Courage: The Cowardly Dog. Katz is a most common villain. He thinks up wise traps to lure people into their doom, but usually fails. Katz is the genious person in the group who usually does the planning. Terra thinks of him as an uncle.

Father: A person with demonic powers from the 2002 series Codename: Kids Next Door. Although he is a human, he have demonic fire powers, such as telekinesis and the ability to shapeshift. His appearance is a dark silhouette with yellow eyes and can be mostly seen with a pipe on his mouth. Despite being dangerous, he can be mind selfish at times. He is a member of Xemnas' group.

Aku: A chaotic-shadow like creature from the 2001 show Samurai Jack. Aku is the shape-shifting master of darkness and is one of the pure evil villains of this series. It is said that in one of the future episodes, one of the member from the group mentions something that Aku once slaved people and opened a portal in time to take some "samurai" to the future.

Minor Characters

Darkwing Duck: Drake Mallard a.k.a. Darkwing Duck, is the adopted father of Gosalyn. He disappeared at the end of Dawns A New Trust (2).

Launchpad McQuack: Launchpad is an air pilot from Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck. He lives alone with Gosalyn.

Miss Bellum: Miss Bellum is a secretary for City Hall from The Powerpuff Girls.

Homer Simpson: Who works at the City Hall after being fire from the PowerPlant from The Simpsons.

Morgana MaCawber: A sorceress and Darkwing's girlfriend from Darkwing Duck. Her role in the series is just to be announced.

Roxas: Sora's Nobody from the Kingdom Hearts series. He has a shocking look of Sora, and mostly Ventus from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. He'll make a brief cameo appearance in Meet The Delightfuls/The Anti That Consumes Sora.

The role for the Mayor and his/her assistant is unknown, and the Author is still in talks and to figure out who will rule the city other than King Mickey and King Bugs.

Minor Villains

Mozenrath: An evil villain who is the lord of the Black Sand from Aladdin. His power came from the gauntlet on his right hand. According to the author, he'll make a good advantage towards June, and sometimes Jake, in a few future episodes.

Sartana Of The Dead: One of the pure evil villains right next to Aku, from El Tigre. She'll appear in Wrong and Magic/Morgana Vs. Sartana.

Smoke: An anime parody character from Yin Yang Yo! Her clothing resemebles Sailor Moon, and that the sword she always carry is parodied off of Cloud's from Final Fanasty VII. She has a rivalry against her brother Mirrors, even though on some basis, gets along with him.

Mirrors: Another anime parody character like Smoke from Yin Yang Yo! His hairstyle references Goku's from Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT. He has a sibling rivalry with Smoke, though on some occasions, work with her.

The Delightful Children From Down The Lane: 5 emotionless children all dressed up neat, and speak in monotones. They are the missing members of Sector Z from the animated series Codename: Kids Next Door. They will appear sometime in Season One.

NOS-4-A2: A robotic vampire from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. He only bites robots or anything electronic to either dispose of it or controls it. At the end of "Revenge of the Monsters" he was destroyed, and it is unknown of how he was brought back. It has been announced that NOS-4-A2 will appear in two episodes with the Bad/Good guys' point of view, and that he'll have a an on-and-off again relationship with Terra (since she's a half-android).


Spin-Off Series

It has been revealed that there will be a spin-off series that takes place during the events of the series starting after Gone-A-FOWL/Gone-A-Vampire, though what is known is that there will be new various characters and that they'll go through random adventures, and will side with Gosalyn and the others on some occiasions. Nothing else is known as of yet.


Dawns A New Trust (1)

Dawns A New Trust (2)

Wrong and Magic/Morgana Vs. Sartana

My Day At Toon Town Academy/Out Of Smokes and Mirrors

Meet The Delightfuls/The Anti That Consumes Sora



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