Rita Wolf

Rita Wolf As She Appears In Super Mario Bros Z She Is Light Brown Furred Female Wolf She Worn An Light Blue Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Light Brown Stomach Light Blue Jeans With A Zipper On It She Also Has Aqua Light Blue Armbands She Had Long Light Brown Hair Which Was In A Ponytail She Had Dark Blue Fingerless Gloves As Well She Had White Eyelids She Had Light Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Pupils She Has An Long Light Brown Tail

Role And Appearance In SMBZ

Rita Appears In Episode 1: The Mecha Menace Where She Is Seen Trying To Help Nicole The Hedgehog To Her Feet After Being Attacked By The Mysterious Dark Shadows Nicole's Family Was There Her Family Consisted Of Fellow Female Hedgehogs Rita Then Graciously Joins The Female Hedgehogs As Their Sister Rita Discovers That She Has Telepathic Powers Allowing Her To Teleport Through Walls And Decode Hidden Messages As She Uncovers The Mysterious Truth Behind Eggman's Latest Plot Meanwhile Heartless Dark Amy Rose (With Long Red/Black Quills And Spikes) Tries To Find Rita

Powers And Abilities

Rita Wolf Has Powers That Allow Her Teleport Through Walls And Hear Things

Appearances In Series

Super Mario Brothers Z

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