Name Alexandria Carly White

nickname Alex,Lex,Lexi,mini women,snow and Alexandria

age 11

species human/Runi

Relative Amelia Anastasia white (older sister) Katelyn White (older step sister) Morgan white (older brother) Adam white younger brother (deceased) Rodrick white Father (deceased) Veronica white (step mother) Mika White mother (deceased)

Abilities bow&arrow (temporarily) her cryptid powers (temporarily) and the hurricane (temporarily)

Friends Zak saturday,Doyle,Mr and Mrs saturday, Zon saturday Fiskerton saturday,Komodo Saturday, dr.cheechoo wadi and uraj

Enemies Francis,the secret sciencetist,Argost,van rook (formerly),Abbey grey (formerly) nagas (formerly) and Lisa (formerly)

Personality funny,goofy,reckless,smart,shy,sarcastic,talented,hothead, generous,humorous,anti social,kind,caring,strong,brave,bold,heroic,tomboysish and curious

Outfit a Blue-green t-shirt with the Saturday family Serpent S on the front black long sleeve undershirt underneath blue jeans and black & white converse shoes

Hairstyle straight

hair color black with a dark purple tuft

Eye color magenta

Voice actor Annasophia Robb

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