Bassland by dj reverberance-d594yv2

Revi The Hedgehog As She Appears Revi Wears An Light Sky Blue Tanktop Which Shows Her Huge Light Pale Tan Boobs Sticking Out Of The Tanktop And Dark Maroon Red Light Pale Tan Black Outlined Stomach Revi Has A Star On Her Neck Revi Wore Black Jeans With White Lines Two Stars On It Showing Her Huge Juicy Firm Ass Revi Wore Aqua Blue And Black Shoes Revi Is Dark Red Furred Revi's Dark Maroon Red Hair And Spikes Is Backwards She Has 5 Dark Red Spikes In Front Of Her Head She Has Black Armbands On Her Arms She Wears Headphones

Aiding Jonathan And Rain The Hedgehog

Jonathan And Rain Had Engaged In Battle Against The Suppression Squad Revi Appeared From Outside And Helped Them Take Out The Suppression Squad

First Adventures As Team Ultimate Lifeform

Shortly After The Team Was Formed They Ventured Into Exotic Locations Until Jonathan Meets His Female Double Sarah The Hedgehog Who Looked Much Like Revi She Immediately Gave Them Information About Eggman Using The Chaos Emeralds To Destroy Planet Mobius Sarah Then Joins The Team As The Team's Helper They Later Meet Rain's Double Rachael The Hedgehog She Joined The Team

Destroying Eggman's Egg Fleet Carrier

Revi, Jonathan, Rain And Sarah The Hedgehog Found Their Way Onto The Egg Fleet Carrier Sarah Placed Her Bombs All Over The Carrier They Jumped Out Of The Carrier As It Explodes


Team Ultimate Lifeform: The Defense Of Mobius