Main Characters

Rain The Hedgehog-She Has Wavy Long Light Green Hair With A Dark Silver Quill She Has Pink Eyelids She Has Dark Grey Eyes With Black Pupils She Has An Silver Earring On Her Left Ear She Has Pink/Black Goggles On Her Head She Wears An Light Purple Ski Top Which Shows Her Green Stomach White Light Yellow Chest Fur Light Purple/Black Belt Black Pants With Flames On Them Light Purple/Black Boots Black Wrist Band On Her Left Arm Light Purple/Black Open Out[1]Gloves And She Wears An Biker Vest Which Is Black

Revi The Hedgehog-She Wears An Light Blue Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach She Has A Star On Her Neck Black Jeans With White Lines Two Stars On It And Aqua Blue/Black Shoes She Is Dark Red Furred Hair/Spikes Is Backwards She Has 5 Dark Red Spikes In Front Of Her Head She Has Black Armbands On Her Arms She Wears Headphones

Jonathan The Hedgehog-The Ultimate Lifeform Designed By Gerald Robotnik Along With Rain And Ravi The Hedgehog All Three Of Them Are Designed To Protect Earth From Villains

All Sonic Characters/Villains (Including Eggman Who Is Owned By Sega) Archie Characters Are Owned By Both Owen Hart And Bret Hart (The Main Creators) Megaman Characters Are Owned By Capcom

Chapter 1: The Race To Freedom HQ

In The Park*

Rain The Hedgehog: Let's Have An Race To Freedom HQ

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Bet You I'm The Fastest Thing Around

Revi The Hedgehog: Oh Really Now *Smiles* Bring It On

  • They Skate Off*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I'm In The Lead

Rain The Hedgehog: *Behind Jonathan Smiles* I'm In 2nd Place

Revi The Hedgehog: *Behind Rain* I'm In 3rd

  • They Reach Freedom HQ*

Rain The Hedgehog: Okay We're Here

Revi The Hedgehog: Let's Enter

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Agreed

I*nside Freedom HQ*

Rain The Hedgehog: Oh Dear Are They Fighting Again?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yeah

Revi The Hedgehog: I Think Jonathan Should Step In There And Destroy The Suppression Squad

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Here I Go!!!! *Runs Inside*

  • BOOOM*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yeah That's Right

Rain The Hedgehog: Yay You Did It

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Of Course I Did I'm Awesome Like That

Revi The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Way To Go

Chapter 2: Day Of The Prelates

  • Inside Revi The Hedgehog's House*

Revi The Hedgehog: There's Prelates Everywhere And We Must Stop Them

Rain The Hedgehog: Agreed Time Will Tell How This Would Play Out

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Was Aware Of This When I Was Informed

Revi The Hedgehog: Yeah I Know

Rain The Hedgehog: Let's Go!!!!

  • They Skate Off*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: There's Too Many Of Them

Revi The Hedgehog: How Is This Possible

Rain The Hedgehog: We Gotta

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