Main Characters

Rain The Hedgehog-She Has Wavy Long Light Green Hair With A Dark Silver Quill She Has Pink Eyelids She Has Dark Grey Eyes With Black Pupils She Has An Silver Earring On Her Left Ear She Has Pink/Black Goggles On Her Head She Wears An Light Purple Ski Top Which Shows Her Green Stomach White Light Yellow Chest Fur Light Purple/Black Belt Black Pants With Flames On Them Light Purple/Black Boots Black Wrist Band On Her Left Arm Light Purple/Black Fingerless Gloves And She Wears An Biker Vest Which Is Black

Speedla The Hedgehog-She Is Dark Purple With Black Eyelashes She Wears An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Dark Purple Stomach And Big Boobs Black Jeans Black Shoes And Wore Black Fingerless Gloves She Had Purple Eyes With White Irises

Revi The Hedgehog-She Wears An Light Blue Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach She Has A Star On Her Neck Black Jeans With White Lines Two Stars On It And Aqua Blue/Black Shoes She Is Dark Red Furred Hair/Spikes Is Backwards She Has 5 Dark Red Spikes In Front Of Her Head She Has Black Armbands On Her Arms She Wears Headphones

All Sonic Characters And Villains

Roksana The Hedgehog-Roksana Wears An Jacket Black Tanktop Which Show Her Big Boobs And Stomach Black/Yellow Belt Red Jeans And Black/Red Shoes

Honey The Hedgehog-An Dark Red Female Hedgehog With Purple Eyes Wears Dark Red Tanktop Which Shows Her Stomach Orange/Silver Belt Black Pants And Black Sneakers

Faith The Hedgehog (Faith Wears An Grey Tanktop Which Shows Her Big Boobs And Stomach Dark Purple Eyes Dark Blue Pants And Black Boots)

Scene 1: Peaceful Day Ruined

  • Outside*

Speedla The Hedgehog: Where's Our Gardening Tools?

Rain The Hedgehog: I'm Not Sure Where They Are

Speedla The Hedgehog: Perhaps If We Look Hard We Would Find Them

Revi The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Greetings!!!! I'm Revi The Hedgehog Now Then I'm Proposing That

Roksana The Hedgehog: There's An Problem

Honey The Hedgehog: We Have Discovered Eggman's Plans For World Domination

Rain The Hedgehog: My God We Must Do Something About This

Speedla The Hedgehog: Right

Revi The Hedgehog: If We Want To Get Anywhere With This We'll Use Rain's Green Chaos Emerald

Rain The Hedgehog: *Raises Her Chaos Emerald* Chaos Control!!!!

  • They Teleport*
  • An Bomb Flies Towards Them*

Roksana The Hedgehog: Look Out!!!!

Honey The Hedgehog: Uh Oh

Revi The Hedgehog: Get Out Of The Way

Speedla The Hedgehog: Yikes

Rain The Hedgehog: Holy Crap

  • They Dodge*
  • BOOM*

Roksana The Hedgehog: I'm Assuming That Eggman's Deadset On Eliminating All Mobians

Honey The Hedgehog: I Agree That's His Plan

Faith The Hedgehog: Oh I Found You Girls I Figured Out A Way To Beat Eggman

Rain The Hedgehog: Yay!!! How?

Faith The Hedgehog: Follow Me!!!!

  • They Attack The Egg Fleet*

Rain The Hedgehog: Let's Go!!!!

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