This duel takes place in megasean3000's fanfic Xiaolin Showdown/Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover 1


  • Raimundo progresses to the next stage.
  • Joey lost purposefully, because he knew that he couldn't win.

joey is the one of the hottest dudes , hes so cute hes such a good puppy lol.

Duel Recap

Start at 4000 lps

Joey's Turn

  • Summons Alligator Sword (ATK: 1500)
  • Sets a card

Raimundo's Turn

  • Summons Warrior Dai Grepher (ATK: 1700)
  • Attacks Alligator Sword
  • Joey activates Skull Dice, rolling a 5 and dividing Warrior Dai Grepher's ATK by 5 (ATK: 1700 / 5 = 340)
  • The attack is backfired and Warrior Dai Grepher is destroyed. (Raimundo: 2860)
  • Sets a card

Joey's Turn

  • Summons Axe Raider (ATK: 1700)

Raimundo's Turn

  • Since Joey has two monsters on his side of the field more than Raimundo, he can summon The Fiend Megacyber (ATK: 2200) automatically.
  • Attacks Alligator Sword (Joey: 3300)

Joey's Turn

  • Sacrifices Axe Raider to summon Jinzo (ATK: 2400)
  • Jinzo destroys Raimundo's face-down Magical Cylinder
  • Jinzo attacks The Fiend Megacyber (Raimundo: 2660)

Raimundo's turn

  • Summons Crimson Sentry (DEF: 1200)

Joey's Turn

  • Summons Gearfried the Iron Knight (ATK: 1800)
  • Destroys Crimson Sentry with it.
  • Attacks directly with Jinzo (Raimundo: 260)

Raimundo's Turn

  • Activates Pot of Greed, to draw 2 cards
  • Activates Monster Reborn, to bring back The Fiend Megacyber (ATK: 2200)
  • Activates Gamble of Destiny, Raimundo has to draw a card, if it's a 5-star or higher monster, he can Special-Summon it to the field, anything else and he removes from play half of his deck and decreases his life points by 2000. He draws Legendary Knight Leader, meaning he can summon it (ATK: 4000)
  • Legendary Knight Leader increases his ATK and DEF by 100 times the number of cards in his graveyard. (ATK: 4800)
  • Attacks Jinzo with it (Joey: 100)

Joey's Turn

  • Activates Bribe of Defence, in exchange for Raimundo drawing a card, Joey can set all of his monsters to defence mode. Raimundo draw Fairy Meteor Crush, meaning next turn, he'd attack his life points anyway.
  • Activates Fierceful Summon, so he can Special-Summon Alligator Sword, Jinzo and Axe Raider in Defence Mode. (DEF: 1200) (DEF: 1500) (DEF: 1150)
  • Fierceful Summon's effect means Joey has to pay 500 life points per monster revived. (Joey: 0)

Raimundo wins

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