This duel takes place in megasean3000's fanfic Xiaolin Showdown/Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover 1


  • This is the biggest duel in the fanfic, with a total of 8 contestants.
  • This is the first time Kaiba summons Obelisk in the fanfic.
  • Each team takes turns who makes a move first. Eg, if Yami makes his move first, next turn Joey would take it.

Duel Recap

Each start at 4000 lps

Kaiba's Turn

  • Summons Kaiser Sea Horse (ATK: 1700)
  • Sets 2 cards

Raimundo's Turn

  • Summons Warrior Dai Grepher (ATK: 1700)
  • Sets a card

Omi's turn

  • Summons Ancient Elf (ATK: 1450)
  • Sets a card

Yami's turn

  • Summons Gamma the Magnet Warrior (DEF: 1800)
  • Sets a card

Marik's Turn

  • Summons Makyura the Destructor (ATK: 1600)
  • Attacks Omi's Ancient Elf
  • Omi activates his face-down: Reinforcements, powering him u;p by 500 ATK points. (ATK: 1950)
  • Kaiba activates his two face-downs Ring of Destruction and Ring of Defence, destroying Ancient Elf and causing all the opponents except him 1950 points of damage. (Omi: 2050) (Chase: 2050) (Raimundo: 2050) (Kimiko: 2050) (Yami: 2050) (Joey: 2050) (Marik: 2050)
  • Attacks Omi directly with Makyura (Omi: 450)
  • Sets a card


  • Summons Hysteric Fairy (ATK: 1800)
  • Marik activates his face-down: Nightmare Wheel, trapping Hysteric Fairy and causing 500 life points of damage each turn.
  • Sets a card

Chase's Turn

  • Summons Heylin Sword (ATK: 1800)
  • Attacks Raimundo's Warrior Dai Grepher (Raimundo: 1950)
  • Sets a card

Joey's Turn

  • Summons Gearfried the Iron Knight (ATK: 1800)
  • Attacks Marik's Makyura (Marik: 1850)

Kaiba's Turn

  • Sacrifices Kaiser Sea Horse to summon Vampire Lord (ATK: 2000)
  • Attacks Omi directly
  • Kimiko activates Negate Attack, automatically ending the Battle Phase.

Raimundo's turn

  • Activates Monster Reborn, to bring back Warrior Dai Grepher (ATK: 1700)
    • Activates Axe of Despair, increasing it's ATK by 1000 (ATK: 2700)
  • Attacks Marik directly (Marik: 0) so Marik is the first to duel, the next one to drop to 0 faces him next.

Omi's Turn

  • Summons Neo the Magic Swordsman (ATK: 1700)
  • Activates Fist of Tebigong, to increase his ATK by 1000 (ATK: 2700)
  • Attacks Kaiba's Vampire Lord (Kaiba: 3300) But it returns.
  • Sets a card

Yami's Turn

  • Sacrifices Gamma the Magnet Warrior to summon Curse of Dragon (ATK: 2000)
  • Attacks Kimiko directly
  • Chase activates Heylin Blast Controller, making the attack go for Omi directly (Omi: 0) Omi faces Marik next round.

Kaiba's Turn

  • Activates Monster Reborn, bringing back Marik's Makyura (ATK: 1600)
  • Acivates Premature Burial, to raise his Kaiser Sea Horse to the fieldat the cost of 800 life points (Kaiba: 2500)
  • Sacrifices all three of his monsters to summon Obelisk the Tormentor (ATK: 4000)
  • Attacks Kimiko directly. (Kimiko: 0) Kimiko's next to duel.

Raimundo's Turn

  • Activates Chosen One, and randomly picks Tyrant Dragon (ATK: 2900) so it's summoned to the field.
  • Summons Axe Raider (ATK: 1700)
  • Activates Sun Chi Lantern, adding the ATKs of Warrior Dai Grepher and Axe Raider to Tyrant Dragons (ATK: 2900 + 1700 + 2700 = 7300)
  • Attacks Obelisk the Tormentor (Kaiba: 0) Kaiba faces Kimiko next.

Chase's Turn

  • Activates Heylin Obliterate, destroying all monsters whose name doesn't have "Heylin", so Tyrant Dragon, Gearfried the Iron Knight and Curse of Dragon are destroyed.
  • Sacrifices Heylin Sword to summon Heylin Magician (ATK: 2500)
  • Attacks Yami directly (Yami: 0) He duels next

Joey's Turn

  • Activates Monster Reborn, bringing back Gearfried the Iron Knight (ATK: 1800)
  • Activates Release Restraint, sacrificing Gearfried the Ironknight to summon Gearfried the Swordmaster (ATK: 2600)
  • Activates Legendary Sword, increasing his ATK by 300 points (ATK: 2900) also destroying Heylin Magician due to it's effect.
  • Attacks Chase directly (Chase: 0) He duels Yami

Raimundo and Joey are the only duelists left, so they duel last.

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