A trigger-happy duck because of all the high-powered weapons he has on the "Lovely Duck". He is also has an aggressive personality when someone stops him from shooting his target.


Rad is a duck-like Atlantean with light-blue skin and a blue beak. He wears a beige shirt with three black stripes and a belt with some equipment on it. He has a helmet with an attached black visor. His fishtail is fully blue.


  • 1993: Rad was born in Atlantis and was put in a orphanage as a baby.
  • 2005: He was adopted by the Conservatory of Sorcery as a student.
  • 2008: Rad became a founding member of the Justice League of Atlantis.
  • 2014: Rad gains the Aquatrix, which allows him to create weapons.


  • Breathe Underwater
  • Breathe through gills
  • Magic
  • Gills on his neck
  • Can feed drowning victim oxygen to prevent him/her from drowning
  • Flying
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Underwater Respiration
  • Able to turn his legs into a fish tail and back at will
  • Fast Swimmer
  • Underwater Pressure Resistance
  • Can see in the dark
  • A wide arsenal of laser weapons at his disposal that he can use at any time



  • Rad can hold his breath underwater for 10 minutes, making him have one of the shortest time to hold his breath underwater ever.

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