Main Characters

Rachael Adams-She Was A Evil Female Robot Reporter Armed With An Dark Purple Gun And Has Dark Purple Jet Boosters And Dark Purple Headphones On Her Head She Is Completely Metallic As She Wears Black Leather Gloves She Now Goes By The Name Of Rachael Adams As She Leads Her New Group Of Powerful Female Robots Known As The Royal Female Robot Allegiance She Has Teal Hair She Wore An Teal Tanktop Showing Her Metallic Stomach She Worn An Teal Skirt Showing Her Metallic Butt And She Wore Teal High Boots She Has Dark Grey Eyes With Black Irises Rachael

Metal Jessica Rose

Mecha Jessica Rose

Titan Jessica Rose

Jonathan/Metal Sugar The Hedgehog

Mecha Sugar The Hedgehog

Titan Sugar The Hedgehog

Metal Amy Rose

Mecha Amy Rose

Titan Amy Rose (Amy Rose)

Metal Jennifer Rose

Mecha Jennifer Rose

Titan Jennifer Rose

Metal Ashley Rose

Mecha Ashley Rose

Titan Ashley Rose

Scene 1: Rachael's Adventure

  • In The Woods*

Rachael Adams: La-La-La-La-La-La *Frollicking As She Is Flying In The Woods* Another Great Day For An Test Run Exactly As I Planned

Metal Jessica Rose: I Agree

Mecha Jessica Rose: Oh Boy

Titan Jessica Rose: How Come I'm Titanium

Metal Sugar The Hedgehog: I Sense No Problem

Mecha Sugar The Hedgehog: Agreed

Titan Sugar The Hedgehog: Agreed

Metal Jennifer Rose: Agreed

Mecha Jennifer Rose: Agreed

Titan Jennifer Rose: Agreed

Metal Amy Rose: Why Was I Here

Mecha Amy Rose: I Don't Know Why But I Sense Something Coming

Titan Amy Rose: Let's See Here

Rachael Adams: *Comes To A Complete Stop* Wait I See Something

Metal Jennifer Rose: You Want Us Three To Investigate

Rachael Adams: Please Do

  • They Investigate*

Metal Jennifer Rose: Did You Find Anything

Mecha Jennifer Rose: Yeah We Did

Titan Jennifer Rose: As It Turns Out The Chaos Emeralds Are Hidden In A Hidden Place

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