Priscilla-Ca, Julie-Su and Knux

Priscilla-Ca The Echidna As She Appears In Sonic Underground Voiced By Dawn Wilson She Wears An Green Tubetop Which Showed Her Aqua Blue Stomach Dark Brown Shorts And Green Sandals Priscilla-Ca Is One Of Jonathan The Hedgehog's Allies He Meets Throughout The Series She Is Shown To Be His Girlfriend

Role In Sonic Underground

Priscilla-Ca Was Flying In The Sky When She Sees Jonathan And Jessica The Hedgehog Speeding Through The Land Priscilla Decides To Drop In On Jonathan And Jessica And So They All Sped Off

TV Series Appearances

Sonic Underground (1999-Present)

Backstory And Information

Priscilla-Ca The Echidna Was Born On Angel Island When She Was 15 She Became Jonathan's First Partner She Is An Treasure Hunter And Hunts For The Master Emerald Which Was Stolen And So Jonathan And Priscilla-Ca The Echidna Set Off On An Adventure For The Master Emerald Along The Way Danielle-Ca The Echidna (She Also Wore An Green Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Aqua Blue Stomach Dark Brown Shorts And Green Sandals) Joins The Adventure In The Underground Series She Is Voiced By Kimberly Brown And Five Sisters (Laura-Ca, Melissa-Ca, Elizabeth-Ca, Julie-Ca And Jennifer-Ca The Echidna) Also Appear Also Voiced By Kimberly Brown

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