Power Rangers: Guardian Squadron (abbreviated as PRGS or Guardian Squadron) is the nineteenth installment of Power Rangers series and is the second adaption of the 34th Sentai season, Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Unlike its true Power Rangers counterpart, Power Rangers Megaforce, this seasons stays closer to the original story in Goseiger.

Power Rangers: Guardian Squadron
Number : 19
No. Episodes :
First Episode : Guardians Unite, Part I
Last Episode :
Adaption : Tensou Sentai Goseiger
Original Airing :
Network : Unknown

Intro : Guardians Forth!

Production Order
Previous Samurai Next


After the destruction of the Angel's Spire, a wise sage must find five ancestors of the Guardian Angels themselves in order to save the world.



Color Role Actor
Guardian Red
Guardian Pink
Guardian Black
Guardian Yellow
Guardian Blue
Angel Knight Angel Knight


Mr. Clarkson - The Ranger's mentor and science teacher

Luke Clarkson - Mr. Clarkson's young and mature grandson

D.A.T.A - Short for Digital Automatic Transformation Automaton. Mr. Clarkson's ancient computer. Can become a giant robot and help the rangers in giant battles.


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