After yet another batch of Ranger Powers destroyed, Alpha and Zordon unveil the Rangers' last line of defense: the Ninja Coins! Their powers shall make the Rangers more powerful than ever as The Power Rangers Samurai Squad!


Actor Character Title Rank Patterned after a...
Wesley Barker Andrew McCormick Blue Alpha BeetleBorg Team leader Rhinoceros beetle
Brittany Konarzewski Jo McCormick Red Beta BeetleBorg Ladybug
Herbie Baez Roland Williams Green Gamma BeetleBorg Second-in-command Stag beetle
Warren Berkow Josh Baldwin Silver Omega BeetleBorg Hercules beetle

Also, when Trip and Van wish that they were BeetleBorgs too (for the 1,000,000th time), they actually get powers (for one episode only) as the Orange Qoppa BeetleBorg (modeled after a Colorado potato beetle) and the Purple Sampi BeetleBorg (modeled after a weevil).