Well, that's the warning bell for second hour.

My name is Christian. I go to a certain school, which is not going to be named. I have second hour now. Science. Science is pretty cool, I have a lot of interest in the subject. It's just another day, just talking about robotics and such. I wasn't listening to him this time though. I had this weird sense of paranoia that was creeping in for an unknown reason. Was it something outside the door? The window? I had no idea at all.

About 30 minutes in, I got rid of the sense completely. I felt somewhat relieved. I started listening to the teacher. "Okay. So," Mr. Grach said, "when we put the wires together, they-ey-ey-ey-ey-ey." I shook my head. What? What's going on? Mr. Grach and the class were flashing, no, lines went through them almost as if they were holograms. I would've gotten up to investigate, but I was so shaken with fear, I couldn't move. Suddenly all of the desks disappeared, I fell to the floor. Then, the earth started to shake. Wait, I lived in a state where earthquakes were very uncommon. This couldn't have been an earthquake. 

Suddenly the floor. The floor was revealing a gap. The floor was opening up, so I could fall in to the black void. I regained my senses. I went for the door, fast but shaking. NONONONONONONONONO. IT'S LOCKED!!! I thought. As the floor opened up, I clutched the doorknob with all my strength as the last bit of ground I had was gone. Now I was hanging. Everything was quiet. Except for the sound of my grunting and tears. I lost my strength, with a few more grunts of effort, I fell in. I tried all that I could to grip another surface, but failed. And now I pay the price.

I was screaming so very loudly as I fell. With the wind rushing at me at this speed, I couldn't breathe. Making it more terrifying. As I descended, I saw a metal catwalk with some sort of orange... gel? Before I had time to dodge, I hit the catwalk. Legs first. Screaming in pain of one of my legs being busted, I slipped. I was approaching the end of the catwalk where 3 horizontal bars were. I was going to bust another part of my body now. "AAAAAAH-" I hit my head with a loud CLANG!

And I was out cold.


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